And All the Time You Were Telling Me Lies

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

What’s a relationship without lies?

Believe it or not, we tell a ton of lies a day. I believe it was estimated (somewhere, I can’t remember) that eight lies were told a day – possibly even more, my memory sucks.

Even so, let’s run with this idea that it’s a total of eight a day.

How many of those are told to strangers? Probably most of them because, let’s face it, that person is a random person that we don’t really care about. But say you have  day off and you spend it with your lover/boyfriend/friend, etc. You tell that person eight lies throughout the day?


Like what?!

What could you possibly lie that often to them about? His/her cooking? Is that really a lie? I mean, you’re more or less being sincere cause to say that you think he/she is a terrible cook would hurt some feelings and that’s not what you want to do.

I once heard it being called ‘filtered love’. When a woman asks her man, “Does this dress make me look fat?”

The man responds with ‘filtered love’: “Babe, I prefer you in the green dress over that one – it brings out your eyes.”

Read: Yes, THAT one makes you look fat but you look hot in the green one.


Calling it ‘filtered love’ is just a fancy name for LIE!

So, what is the whole point?

The point is, next time you go about your day, stop and take a guess as to how many people lied to you that day.

Depressed yet?

Lie to me.


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