Weekend Reading

I love reading. I enjoy it probably slightly more than the next person. I have a degree in English, so therefore a slight interest in books is sort of necessary.

I give myself reading lists to read the books that I find interesting or to see why a book is considered a ‘best seller’ and most of the time it has nothing to do with how well a book is written but because the movie was better.

This all being said, there are some people out there who are apparently super-readers. I call them this because they can somehow manage to read 12 books in a weekend. Now, even if we consider Friday a weekend day, that’s four books a day. They must do nothing but read. No eating, no bathroom breaks, no showering. Just reading. Now before you start to think, “maybe they’re short books. Something like 1oo pages.” I already pondered that and asked to see said books that were read in a weekend from start to finish. They’re decent sized books here. I’m talking most in the 300 – 400 pages. That’s a hefty read. Especially when you have twelve to down here. Your next thought might be, “Well maybe they already started them and just finished them during the weekend.” Nope. Got that one covered too. These books were read first page to last page. In two days. Twelve books. Two days. That equation is just mind blowing. Depending on the difficulty of the book, I can’t even read some in a WEEK!

At any rate, here’s a challenge to myself to start reading more during the day. I’m always trying (and failing) to begin my days earlier to incorporate all that I wish to achieve. Adding in additional reading is going to definitely make a priority.


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