Writing Prompts

Trying to write every day can cause a case of writer’s block rather easily. I mean, thus far, I haven’t done much with my day than eat an unhealthy lunch, go to the gym to counter said lunch, and pick up laundry detergent for some household chores.

So, I decided to search for some inspiration. I typed in “Writing Prompts” into Google Search. Naturally, the first few results where prompts for people first grade to twelfth grade; nothing too deep. Simple prompts were given such as:

Write a prompt about a ‘plate of sunshine’. I’m not sure what exactly the ‘plate of sunshine’ is in reference to. Eggs sunny side up on a plate perhaps. Then again, I’m sure a first grader would totally get it.

What does a ‘string of laughter’ make you think of? Okay, now I can sort of see writing about that. A great deal of descriptive words could be used; nothing too long to write about… still a decent paragraph perhaps… or even a scene set up.

When I watch television, I like to watch… Now this one can have a one word answer. Grey’s Anatomy. There. Done! Go writing prompt. I think it would be sort of hard to make that into a whole paper. One could sum up the plot of the show and if necessary, walk through what happened each season. Then again, the reader could just go and watch the series to find out what happens through each season. But why write about that in a blog?

So, with that list, it’s sort of hard to pick something to run with. There are things out there to stimulate some ideas so if I stumble upon one and the post seems a little out of usual, you’ll know I used a writing prompt 🙂


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