Child’s Play

First allow me to begin by saying this isn’t going to be about the horror movie involving a doll coming to life to cause chaos and terror.

This is about the youth of ourselves and others who are still young enough to ‘play’.

It has been years since I ‘played’ and I always tend to miss those years the most during the summer.

When I was younger, summer days involved a certain ‘freedom’ from my ‘responsibilities’. The only real ‘responsibility’ that I had was making sure my homework got done on time. After that, I had the rest of the day to do as I pleased. In fact, getting to that point was the only real goal that I had. Do the homework as quickly as possible because outside the sun was waiting and that was more important than being inside learning how to write the letter “B” in cursive.

There were mornings when I woke up, got dressed, and just ran outside to do something. I don’t even know what was so important out there, I just knew I had to be out there. There were balls to kick, basketballs to shoot, and playgrounds that were screaming to be played on.

I was fortunate enough to live across the street to my elementary school. This provided me with a playground all summer long. I would just run across the street, looking both ways TWICE before crossing, and then unleashing my childish energies on swings, monkey bars, slides, and blacktop drawings of hopscotch.

Those were the days.


A slide. That’s all I needed.

Endless fun for HOURS… with a slide.


I think I’ve become too complex for my own good at this point. Nowadays, slides don’t really get me too excited. I mean, I might be able to fit in one still, but for the most part, I need something a bit more stimulating. A good book, television show, or movie and I’m satisfied.

But oh how I miss the days of play.

I remember how it was considered ‘uncool’ to be in the house all day. Like, who wanted to be inside when you could be outside in the sun with all of the world to play with!

You were told to come inside to be punished. You would sit inside and stare out the window to all the children who were outside having adventures. Yes, ADVENTURES!

Somewhere around the teenage years, I began to lose interest in ‘play’. Somehow going to the mall was more important. I don’t remember why. Currently, driving to the mall is a hassle. I mean, I need gas to get there and that in itself is too expensive to drive to the mall.

Times have definitely changed.

But it’s nice to start reverting back to ‘play’ for entertainment. My boyfriend and I went to a sort of wooded path recently. We took our cameras and spent about an hour and a half just walking through nature and taking pictures. Before that, we went to follow a railroad path and took even more pictures of nature.

We only needed our cameras and some fully charged batteries and we were good for two hours of doing nothing but walking and photographing.

It didn’t cost us much, if hardly anything.

It reminded me of days outside when I would play.

I miss those days of simplicity and I hope to work harder to make my days as simple as that. I don’t need the complexities of life to feel like I’m evolved and mature. I wan the simple happinesses that I had before.

As the famous catch phrase goes, “I don’t want to grow up, I want to be a ‘Toys R Us’ kid.”

…actually, I’d just settle being a kid again.


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