This is a classic scenario:

Someone gets told that they are going to be called.

Thus the wait begins.

Now, the most common scenario is that of a guy stating that he will call a girl. The girl, hoping that there is ‘something there’ eagerly waits by the phone for the call.

It’s one of those situations straight from the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You” and you spend every waking second next to the phone, not moving for fear of stepping away and the phone ringing.

Even when in the shower, you race out of it almost slipping and causing suicide to answer the phone in the hopes that it is someone whose voice you’re longing to hear on the other end.

Minute after minute passes and it seems like hours have gone by and nothing has happened. Minutes become hours, hours become days.

You’re waiting for a phone call that’s never going to come… ever.

It’s been written about time and time again:
“All my days, waiting by the telephone, that never rang when all I needed was a call” – ‘You Found Me’ by The Fray
“I spent every hour waiting for a phone call, that I know will never come…” – ‘Through With You’ by Maroon 5

But the thing of it is, somewhere along the lines, when you look at the phone and realize that you are waiting on someone else… you realize that you’re worth more. You realize that you want someone who wants to call you. If the someone you are waiting on is doing just that – making you wait – then it’s time to turn off the phone and move on.

It’s a hard thing to do, I know. I’m always the one who is holding on thinking that the minute I close my phone is  the very minute that it’s going to ring so I keep it open and on ‘just in case’. But even if I did turn it off, and the phone did ring, there’s voicemail for a reason. Plus, it’s not cool to sound desperate.

Confidence is always hard to come by and I don’t have much of it. But when I realized that I was waiting by the phone for someone else, I knew there was a problem. I tried to recite to myself, ‘I’m better than this; I deserve better than this.’ And at times, it was hard.

Then, one day, something changed.

I met a guy who actually wanted to call. Even better, he called because he wanted to make arrangements to spend time with me.

My dreams came true.

He was even better than a phone call.

At times, I still find myself sitting by the phone waiting whether it’s for a phone call from my mom or a possible (hopefully) employer, I try not to be the one always waiting by the phone.

To those who are still waiting by the phone, just throw your phone in the bedroom and walk away. Go do something for yourself and not for someone else; you’re worth more… way more.

It’s time to hang up.


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