Flight to Earth Now Boarding

I’m sure everyone has had that friend who apparently seems to always be living on another planet.

I’m fortunate enough to have one of these friends and, God love her, she is quite a handful.

There are some of my other friends who, at times, have appeared to have taken a trip to another planet and are vacationing there temporarily.

Allow me to explain.

So, you have your friend and they are involved in some sort of relationship with another person. It could be a romantic involvement or it could just be another friend of theirs.

Okay, so, your friend has some idea about this other person that isn’t true. If the person is say the ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’, you might hear your friend say something along the lines of, “Well, s/he doesn’t want us to label ourselves as a couple because, what’s a label, really? And I totally get it and I’m agreeing to be a couple but just not say it.”

Everyone who read that pretty much understands that what s/he said was code for ‘they-are-sleeping-with-someone-else-other-than-you’. Your friend, when believing this other person, has taken a red-eye out of Earth and on to some other planet.

The odd thing is, your friend doesn’t realize they have vacated their spot here on Earth. They still believe they are here. Clearly, they are not if they are running around believing their friend is just trying a ‘new diet fad’ and that’s the reason why they dropped 20 lbs. in a week.

I don’t believe you when you say she’s just on the South Beach Diet!

It can be frustrating when you have this friend/loved one in your life believing such things. But that’s okay.

I, myself, have been stuck on some other planet before. It’s as if I’m lost in some other world or cloud; that I’m not really awake to what’s going on in my life. Those outside of the fog can clearly see what’s up and are trying to explain to me that what I’m seeing/experiencing isn’t real and yet I’m not listening to them. I don’t want to. Why kill the dream in which I’m living? I don’t want that; however, I know that things are going to come to an end at some point. Everyone has had that moment when they wake up. If you’ve ever looked back on a previous relationship and thought, “What was I thinking?” then you too were in the fog once. You were lost in a dream or the dream that you wanted to have. Eventually, you woke up and took a flight back to Earth.

Still, I’m sure there are others out there who are in need of help. If you know someone who is like this and you want to help but don’t know how, here’s what you can do:

Try checking expedia.com for a ticket out of Dreamland. Preferably a one-way flight so they can’t go back. Let them know that they can use it when they’re ready; tell them to pack lightly. And let them know that you’ll be there waiting for them at the airport terminal to take them home.

For everyone out there taking a flight back to Earth, have a safe trip and we’ll see you soon.


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