Grace Lost

I know that I talk of being young and wanting to be young again and everything about wishing to be a child. But in one way, I haven’t quite grown up yet.

I’m the clumsiest person you will ever meet.

Yup, I’m the one breaking things, spilling things, knocking this over, staining things, tripping, falling, and crashing into pretty much everything in sight.

People probably think that I have a disorder of some sort since I can’t, for the life of me, control my limbs.

There is a particular shirt that I own. Really cute. A free-flowing white camisole. I’ve had it for about three years now. It has been washed more than a hundred thousand times. It’s very thin. Why? Because since it’s white, I have this weird tendency to spill things on it. I know I’ve spilled coffee on it at least three times in a month. I wear it so often because the second I put it on, I spill something on it, have to take it off and wash it. Since I barely wore it for all of fifteen seconds, I tend to want to wear it again to make an attempt to have it as an outfit. No sooner that I put it on a second time, I spill something on it again!

I wore it twice in one week and both times, I came to my mother with it saying, “It needs treatment before heading into the wash.” She just looked at the shirt, then me, and said, “Maybe you just shouldn’t wear it.”

It’s too cute; I’m persistent.

There are also numerous times that I swear the walls have moved on me. I’ve crashed into so many of them, they have to be playing tricks on me. There’s no excuse for it.

It has also been noted that anything of any important value should not be placed in my possession. I WILL lose it or break it. Your call.

My mother once gave me two garnet jeweled rings to wear. Garnet is my birthstone so she felt that I should have them. They were lost within the month…. never to be found.

I’ve managed to destroy shirts in the wash, break priceless heirlooms, trip and fall onto expensive electronics, and permanently stain carpets.

These are all accidents that I tend to have on a regular basis. I can honestly say that these are all accidents. I don’t intentionally want to do any of this but God likes to play tricks on me when he’s bored.

Clearly, he’s often bored.

Try and try as I may, I can never out-step any disaster. It’s entirely frustrating as well. I mean, I’m ruining important things with my every step and touch! I don’t want to do this! Some things are expensive! Others, I’ve worked hard to buy and I try my hardest to take care of them! Then one day, my butterfingers take over and the next thing I know, I have a shattered item laying on the ground before me. My mind is reeling with thoughts of, “How did this happen?” and “Why does this keep happening to me?”

I keep praying that one day I’ll learn and that day has yet to come. So, until then, move out of my way if you’re carrying something valuable, don’t let me into stores containing glass, don’t let me hold anything at all, and baby-proof your home before allowing me to enter.

It’s almost noon and already I’ve started my catalog of accidents. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get worse.



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