The Firsts

Everyone has their first day of something. Whether it is the first day of school, first day of class (college), first day of work, first day of the month, first day of marriage, first day of unemployment, first day of vacation, etc.

The firsts are important. With it comes a bit of nervousness and excitement… except probably no excitement for first day of unemployment. Nevertheless, no matter how many firsts we have, it seems like we can never get used to it, at least I can’t. I’m always worried and unsure of myself. I think I set too high of expectations on my first days. I want to achieve so much, do so much, and accomplish so much that I forget to take things slow and as they come.

On the brighter side of things, the firsts mark a beginning. A fresh new start. That first day, you can do anything to set the tone for the next couple of days. Granted, the firsts might not always be off to a good start, but there’s always tomorrow.

I can remember the first day of my internship for school. I started off the day with my straightener breaking while I was in the middle of finishing half my head. So, only 50% of my head was smooth and straight while the other half looked… well… slightly unruly which made all of me look like I just broke out of some mental institution. To make matters slightly worse, the shoes that I was wearing apparently decided to have a fit and fly off causing my shoe to soar off my foot and allowing me to literally stumble into work.

It’s amazing my boss kept me after that first day.

But, it was a first, and it was mine.

I have another first coming up and I’m already nervous about it. I’m going to start preparation early and hope for the best. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a great first day.


One thought on “The Firsts

  1. I’ve had a lot of my own firsts lately as well so I can relate. The first day of starting my own business was not only the scariest but was also a bit anti-climatic. Maybe I set my expectations too high for the first day, but when looking back hopefully the first year makes up for it! Good luck on your next first!

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