A Sister’s Love For Her Brother

Being the older sibling is something that I have found to be quite the challenge at times.

When I was younger, my parents were always saying, “Take your brother with you.” At the time, I never understood why I had to do this. Why wasn’t I ever able to do anything on my own? He had to come with me.

Later as I grew up, I realized it was because my parents didn’t want their children wandering around by themselves in a big world of potential kidnappers and if we had each other we would always be safe… and together.

It sort of back-fired for me because as I got older, I always wanted someone with me. Even to this day, I hate going out by myself because I feel like I need someone there to experience the mundane with me.

But as a sister, an older sister, I have had the amazing and wonderful pleasure of watching my baby brother grow up. He has become this amazing and extraordinary person that I could have ever imagined him becoming. He is incredibly smart, funny, and quite talented at everything he does. People sort of are just drawn to him as if some magnetic force is pulling them towards him. Even when I’m home, I would rather spend time with him than my parents or anyone else; I miss him the most.

But what is absolutely incredible about him is his silent presence. This is something that I will never ever be able to achieve and I’ve actually been trying very hard lately to work on it. What I mean by this is that he takes the world in and sort of remains to himself about it. Most people today have their opinions and are extremely excited to shout their opinions to anyone and everyone who will hear. The words ‘Freedom of Speech’ are quite commonly thrown around nowadays because everyone has something to say.

My brother, sort of has a quite power to him. He will watch and listen to other people spew their thoughts, ideas, emotions, theories, etc. and my brother, without becoming emotional himself, takes it in and moves on. Sure, he’s got opinions, don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard them. But in order to hear any of it, you really have to be mature about it and respectable to receive it from him. He knows that if you’re going to go off your rocker about something and become overly passionate about it, he’s not going to talk opinions with you. Furthermore, the information that he provides is the truth he believes and in addition to that truth, he has his evidence and reasons why he believes it.

He is truly the most amazing person that I will ever meet in my life and I am so incredibly thankful that he’s my brother; that I was blessed with him and no one else. He will forever be my family.

He is a fantastic inspiration to myself and to those around him. He stands his ground and makes his presence known without even saying a word. When people see him, they light up; I do too. He has provided unconditional support for me throughout my life and to others who are important to him. He is the reason I am the person I am today. I grew up with him, having to be with him, watch him, listen to him, defend him, be defended by him, encourage him, put up with him, be angry with him, cry with him, and laugh with him.

I can only hope that after all of this, all these years, and all of our years to come, that I can be even half the sister to him as he has been a brother to me.

I love you baby brother!


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