What Am I Singing?

Not everyone can write lyrics. I get that, really, I do. So, if you’re a recording artist out there and a record label signed you and you want to have more ‘rights’ and thus write some of your songs, that’s fine. But if the record label looks at you and says ‘no, you can’t write your own lyrics, we have a team of people to do that’ don’t throw a bitch fit. Just take the hint and move on.

Lately, I’ve been hearing some songs on the radio that I enjoy and then when I really start listening to what’s being said or even when I sing it without the beats and just do it a cappella, I sound retarded.

Take for example Britney Spear’s song “Three”. Now, it’s coming from Britney Spears so we already know it’s completely ridiculous and shallow but the lyrics are as follows:
“Countin’ 1, 2, 3, / Peter, Paul, and Mary / Gettin’ down with 3P / Everybody loves ahh” (Lyrics provided by Metrolyrics.com)
Now those words sound like a winning sonnet. Why is she talking about Apostles? Peter and Paul? Why are we dragging Jesus’ mother in on this? Seriously? A threesome with those people? I would have chosen differently but whatever Brit, it’s your call.

Then, we have Lil Wayne. Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t think you should get high every time you’re in the studio stuck on what to say because you end up with shit like this:
“When I get up all in ya / We can hear the angels calling us / We can see the sun rise before us / And when I’m in that thang / I’ll make that body sing” (Lyrics provided by AZLyrics.com)
As a woman, I don’t like my girl reproductive parts being called ‘thang’. Again, maybe it’s me but try taking it up with my ‘thang’ and see what she says. Chances are, she’ll be pissed. Plus, the phrase ‘when I get up all in ya’ doesn’t sound so romantic… or even appealing. If my boyfriend walked up to me and said that I would smack him against the head for sounding like an idiot. Try saying that phrase without the music behind it. Sounds lame.

Finally, we have Drake. If you listen to ANYTHING this man sings about, you’ll know that he’s just putting together sentences that are about something, I just don’t know what because his lack of adjectives really make it hard to understand what’s going on. Plus, they’re simple sentences like a child would use: Me want cake. Take for example:
“But I gotta say, oh babe, oh babe, why’s this so familiar? / Just may already feel like I know the real her” (Lyrics provided by AZLyrics.com)
That first line, would be great without the ‘oh babe, oh babe’. Try this, next time you go into a Subway, while you’re ordering, throw some of those ‘oh babes’ in there and see what happens, “I want a, oh babe, oh babe, six inch wheat sub. With a, oh babe, oh babe, turkey and cheese!” Winner!

Don’t get me wrong, I was young once and was in love with “MMMBop” by Hanson, so, I’ve been there too. But what is great about getting older is that I tend to seek out songs with more of a meaning. This, is definitely hard to find in this day and age but I’ve managed to come across an amazing song with such rich and beautiful lyrics that I feel I’m almost addicted to it.

The artist is Gregory Page and the song is called “Bon Voyage Mon Cheri” and the lyrics are:
“I watched the rain fall / On Paris rooftops / I watched the doves and pigeons fly / And I hear laughter / from a balcony below me / above a beautiful gray sky” (Lyrics provided by blog.ggvic.com)
It sounds more like a beautiful poem than lyrics to a song. While the song is a bit out of anyone’s taste (there’s no synthesizers or club beats) it is quite beautiful and relaxing.

For those interested, I’ve included the video here:

Hopefully, after at least giving this a try, you’ll view other lyrics differently and perhaps want more out of your music. If not, you can always use this song to cleanse the pallet after listening to everything else out there. Enjoy!


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