Tune In

There was a post that I wrote previously about thinking before you speak and I decided to write a specific blog to point out that people really need to think about what they’re talking about.

Allow me to explain, I know that people have come to me to tell me about their cats or their dogs like the animal is part of the family and I totally get that. I talk to my parents about their animals because I KNOW the animals. Carol*‘s dogs, I don’t know, and thus I don’t care what happened to Carol*‘s dogs. But, nevertheless, I hear about it. I’m respectful to her and listen and give thoughtful answers, but at the same rate, when she walks away, I think, “We talked about her dogs. That was the whole conversation. Dogs.”

I began to think about it and really paid attention to what people talk about with each other and I found out that it’s not really… important. I understand that we might not all lead extraordinary lives that are worthy of discussion; however, talking about how you were sick and spent the night on the couch and it was just, like, totally disgusting, and like, gross… isn’t really something you want to be remembered by. The only thing I will remember about this stranger is how she was sick. First impression-wise, that kinda sucks.

If I wanted to leave a memento of sorts with someone, I would hope that I would come off as intelligent and funny. So that the next time the stranger sees me and happens to be with a friend they can say, “I overheard that girl talking about this and that and she was so smart and funny. She seems like she would be an awesome person!”

Granted, I might be setting the bar high but still… it’s better than having nothing better to say than, “That girl over there was sick and disgusting the other day.” Just doesn’t have the same nice taste. Kind of.

I listened once to family members talking to people that I’ve known and the usual conversation is about someone else. This someone else is either never doing well or they’re ALWAYS doing well. “Your cousin Tommy* met this great woman, Ashley*, I think her name is. She’s so beautiful and he says he’s the happiest he’s ever been.” Good for cousin Tommy* but if a stranger walks by, they’re going to know that we were talking about cousin Tommy* and his great new girlfriend. Really? That’s what you left with that person?

I think I’m going to start reading every newspaper and then some so that I can have intellectual conversations with people about SOPA, the Republican race, the controversial pictures of U.S. soliders, and the horrible cruise incident. That way, any by-standers can at least say that I’m well-informed as well as beautiful.

I know it’s not polite to eavesdrop and all and I’m not saying that I do, people are just loud talkers… and stand incredibly close to me when having said conversation.

I think there has only been one coversation I’ve heard that actually sounded legitimately normal and it was between two guys about weight lifting and how the one wished he had more time to do a certain exercise. He didn’t even sound like he was complaining about it but rather just making a statement. Good for him! The only positive note I’ve made in my blog and he made it. So, dude, even though you may never read this: Awesome converstation! Gold star for you.

As for myself and others, maybe we need to self-reflect here and start thinking about what it is we really talk about.





* These names are not based on anyone real or imaginary. I just needed names.


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