25 on 25: Open Letter to My New 25 Year Old Self (Special Birthday Edition)

Dear New 25 Year Old Self,


I hope you can feel comfortable here and enjoy your stay.

The former self, 24, has worked hard to set things up and I hope that she has made things to your liking. As always, there is always room for change so please do what you must to make yourself feel like home.

Twenty-four had it rough. She suffered through a lot and knew that she wasn’t able to do all that she could. She tried her hardest and worked to the best of her abilities. What she did manage to do was leave a list for you. This list holds certain tasks that you must perform while you are here. How you perform is very crucial and important. You are not limited to this list only. I’m hoping that you can go above and beyond to achieve everything and more.

There’s high hopes for you 25 and I hope that you can handle everything outlined for you. I am relying on your drive, ambition, and strength to get us through this next year. It’s going to be rough and tough but I guarantee you that there will be great rewards.

You will struggle at times and you will fail at times. Please do not be discouraged by this. Learn from it; learn to be better; learn to be stronger. You can do this. You can bring about great growth if you wish it. I saw that you texted a few times before arriving to make sure things were set up in place for your arrival. I like that you are ambitious. I’m interested to see how things turn out. Everything is in place for the most part.

So please, enjoy yourself today and relax for your first day in office because tomorrow, we start business.

Welcome again and Good Luck.



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