26 Before 26

As part of my birthday, I have set forth two things.

First is The Manifesto which is a new page that can be found on the Home Page of my blog and is sitting next to my mini-biography appropriately titled The Girl.

There, you will find an explanation and layout of what my manifesto is and all that is involved. Another addition to my birthday line up is doing a 26 Before 26. Since I turned 25 today, I have set in motion 26 things that I want to complete before turning 26. All will be documented here as well. I haven’t decided if they are going to be regular posts that I have on Monday and Thursday or if they will be an addition to them. I’ll figure that out when I cross that bridge.

So, The List.

Well, for starters let me explain that I have absolutely no idea as to what I’m doing with this list. This is my first go so, needless to say, it’s going to be a little shitty.

I have no idea what to put on this list and, at first glance, it might look like it’s going to suck but, again, it’s my first go.

How I did it:
I didn’t want it to be a Bucket List. My Bucket List consists of visiting Egypt and skydiving, things that I can not readily afford at this given moment. Egypt is expensive and it’s not a place for Americans right now. Therefore, these goals on this list had to be easily obtainable within the given year.

So, when thinking of it that way, it sort of just became a nightly plan almost. Like, ‘go to the movies’ and ‘take a long relaxing bath’. So, if it seems sort of weird like that, trust me, I know. Again – working on it.

Also, you have to keep in mind that I live in a small ass town. Like SMMMAAAALLLL AAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS TOOOOOWWWNNN. Anything that I want to do that involves some serious culture/arts/innovation/inspiration is a TWO HOUR drive. So things like that were limited as well. I can’t be driving two hours somewhere every month. That’s expensive… have you SEEN gas prices?!

Taking all this into consideration I was left with some really shitty ‘goals’ haha.

But again – it’s my first go.

I’m going to explain some of them because when you read it, you might think, “What the fuck does that even mean?!” and I totally get that. There’s a reason.

First off, there are a few that are vague. One is just declared as ‘Swimming’ and that’s because I have never done swimming in the sense of really knowing what I’m doing. I went to swimming parties and everything but I didn’t want to set a goal of 50 laps in 10 minutes and when I start swimming, find out that it’s impossible to do that. I won’t know a specific goal until I get in the water. Therefore, it’s just listed as ‘Swimming’.

The ‘make better brand of coffee’ is one that I know what I’m going to do but when I typed it out, it looked ridiculous. There’s a brand/flavor of coffee called Meth Coffee. I found it while browsing the internet and it’s outrageously expensive but I want to try it so, that’s why it’s on there but left vague cause “Make Meth Coffee” sounds really weird.

Other than that, the rest are more easily understood. I have them categorized into five sections: Do, Make, Read, Watch, Cook. That was the only way I was able to make progress. I was sort of left to nothing else with my limitations. If anything, while going through this, I can do better for the next year.

I’m sure you’re excited so, here is The List:

1. Watch: Memento (post) 14. Read: Lord of Flies(post)
2. Do: Start saving for camera (post) 15. Do: Achieve Goal Weight (post)
3. Read: Crime and Punishment 16. Read: The Hitchhiker’s Guide
4. Make: a wind-chime 17. Watch: Shawshank   Redemption (post)
5. Cook: Red Velvet Cupcakes (post) 18. Make: Braided Hex Nut Bracelet (post)
6. Watch: Casablanca (post) 19. Cook: Jalapeno Cream   Cheese Poppers (post)
7. Do: Grace in   Small Things (post) 20.Read: Elynia (post)
8. Make: Wrap Bracelet 21. Make: Market Bag (Post)
9. Read: Animal Farm/1984 (post) 22. Cook: Better Coffee   Brand
10. Cook: Homemade   Shamrock Shake(post) 23. Do: Two miles under 14 minutes
11. Watch: The Green Mile 24. Watch: Maltese Falcon
12. Do: Swimming (post) 25. Read: Catch-22 (post)
13.Make: Bottlecap Craft (post) 26. Do: Fruit Pizza (post)

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