Have You Tried Online?

This is usually the response I get when I complain to people that I can’t find something in the 12 stores in my area.

“Well, have you tried online?”

I don’t want to try online! I’m tired of trying online! Why can’t a STORE actually carry shit anymore?

I get it. The internet is a great international way to find products all over the world. People will never say, “I can’t find it!” because you can just go online and have it shipped to your home in 7 to 14 days. But seriously there are times when I just want to drive to the store, buy it, and come home. I don’t want to have to pay shipping and handling and then wait up to 2 weeks to finally get it.

I’m not even searching for the Holy Grail here. I’m talking about simple, easy things.

I know I’ve blogged about it before but this isn’t a complaint about something unique that doesn’t exist. This is simple things! For example, I want to buy a box of Oolong tea. I went to the grocery store and with 7 rows and 16 columns I couldn’t find Oolong tea. They do have: black, white, green, red, calming, cold, flu, energizing, weight loss, etc. and they don’t fucking have Oolong!? How is it there are 45 different tea flavors here and I can’t even find what I’m looking for!

Then, my second search was for green tea powder. This is used to make green tea smoothies… like the kind you buy at Sheetz. Where’s the only place I can find it? Online. Why? Because people quit carrying shit in their stores! They figure, “Well, I’m sure if they want it, they’ll find it online… no need to carry it.” Yes, well, maybe if you started carrying it, it would help your local business instead of actually FORCING people to buy it online.

Another product is a hair product that I’m looking for. It’s a mousse and apparently the 16 hair salons in my town don’t carry it. SIXTEEN STORES! Again, not the Holy Grail here people… it’s a mousse… a styling mousse.

I’m so completely frustrated about this (clearly). There was someone who suggested that I try the closest major city… which is about 2 hours away. So, okay, then… things become complicated because now gas is involved. With the price of gas being what it is, it’s actually cheaper to buy it online at that point. But my argument still stands that I’m trying over a dozen stores and can’t find the simpliest of products.

Ulitmately, I’m probably going to break down and by the shit online… or at least do some more research to find out if I can find alternates. Perhaps we’ve gotten too accustomed to the internet literally being at our fingertips that we forget we used to live without it at one point.


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