Grace In Small Things

It’s another Saturday!

You know what that means…!

1 – The Perfect Parallel Park. I had a situation when I needed to parallel park. This sucks! If at all possible, I try to avoid this situation like the plague. However, I totally rocked it and even did a victory dance after kicking ass!

2 – Finishing a book. There is nothing better than completing a book! Not only do you get the end of a great story, but you also feel like you’ve completed an amazing task. No matter how many books I read, I’m still incredibly satisfied to finish and add it to my accomplishments. I recently finished a book and, yes, I am sad it’s over, but I’m also very happy as well because I can move on to other great stories.

3 – The ‘After’ Part of Cleaning the Kitchen. I hate, hate, hate, hate cleaning dishes. I will do probably almost anything else than do the dishes. But, I DO like the way the kitchen looks AFTER the dishes have been cleaned. It looks like one of those amazing pictures that you find on Pintrest. Granted, it’s not like a million-dollar home but after I’ve cleaned the kitchen, in my crazy world, it feels like one.

4 – Pay days. Not the candy bar but the actual day that I get my money for all my hard work for two weeks. Granted, a large portion of my paycheck goes to bills but, I still enjoy having money in my pocket and the numbers on my bank statement jump back up to give me hope.

5 – Feeling sore. I recently went to the gym and started mixing up new exercises in. I’m more into cardio than I am weight-training. I DO weight-train just not as often as I do cardio. Cardio is about three days a week and weights are two. It’s great to have that day-after soreness. I feel like I really DID give myself a good work out. Plus, for me, it’s evidence that I was productive that day; that I actually DID something and I can FEEL it.


Check back again every Saturday for Grace In Small Things.

If you’re just tuning in, for more on why I’m doing this, click here. And for more information on Grace In Small Things, click here.


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