It’s Easy Being Green (#10)

Since St. Patrick’s Day was over the weekend, I was able to cross another item off of my list of 26 Before 26.

It was a day of green on Saturday! I never really ‘celebrated’ St. Patrick’s Day but, when I decided to make the Shamrock shakes, I went online and searched for other things to make in addition to it and have a whole day of it.

The Homemade Shamrock shakes tasted absolutely delicious! Vanilla ice cream, mint flavoring, and some green color dye is the simple recipe for a little bit of heaven. I got the idea of making my own after I stopped at McDonald’s and, while indulging in their special shake, I thought, “I can do this!” Thus, it made it on the list!

I also found a quick recipe for Shamrock Floats. Easy recipe of lime sherbet and Sprite. Plus, it’s low-cal as well with Diet Sprite. It was actually quite refreshing!

Finally, to end the end, it was some green beer to celebrate! The boyfriend made a wonderful dinner of steak and I had a cup o green beer to share in the festivities!

All in all, it was fun, quick, and easy! Plus, it’s an item off my list! It’s off to a good start!


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