Braided Hex Nut Bracelet (#18)

As part of my list, I’ve decided to hurry up and start getting a move on completing them.

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. When I was checking my list, I realized I had completed less than I thought. So, hopefully you’ll see a few more posts about the progress of things.

One of them was to a make a bracelet involving hex nuts.

I learned a valuable lesson while attempting to complete this project: Lie to the people at Lowe’s about what you are doing.

“I’m going to make jewelry,” I told the assumed 82 yr. old man in the hardware section of Lowe’s.

“… jewelry?…” he responded.

“Yes, jewelry, so, I was wondering if I could browse the size selection of nuts that you have. Do they come with a variety pack?”

After about a 60 second pause of him trying to comprehend all that I’ve said, he led me to the fasteners (I learned they can be called that) and I was able to make my decisions.

The bracelet itself took a little bit longer than I expected because I had to pull things tight and hold everything steady while trying to slide on the nuts without everything going to bits.

After a bit of practiced dexterity, I managed to get the bracelet completed! Yay!

I must say, it looks quite fashionable to have small pieces of hardware on your wrist.

I should hunt down my salesman and show him my great accomplishment!

Hope you guys like it too!


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