Sticking to the Plan

I once wrote a blog about Temptations and this is sort of along those same lines but, I guess it’s a new approach to it all.

If you’ve been to this blog before, you know that I’m working towards a few goals this year and one of them is to achieve a weight that I am happy with.

I’m dealing with a lot of struggles with this as I’m sure everyone does with every goal they have for themselves. In addition to that, I’m also trying to remain completely honest with myself through this whole process because it’s something that’s important to me and it’s something that I deserve to do for myself.

All that being re-capped, I’ve come up with a new way of dealing with this… and when I say ‘new way’ I mean it’s ‘new’ for me and my current struggles.

I’m creating a plan and I’m going to stick to said plan.

Easier typed than said.

Trying to find out ways to eat healthy and to find certain snacks is really hard. It takes a lot of planning for just one day: Carrots as a snack… but only a small portion. Then about 4 hours later, I’ll have to have lunch… so, I should get a side salad prepared now to avoid cracking and grabbing a taco because it’s closer. I’m going to need to get a large in take of water so where are my water bottles.

It’s over-whelming to say the least. Plus, I think that because I’m pressuring myself to really focus on it, I’m having a hard time thinking outside the box. “Snack” for me usually means apple or pear but I know I’m not going to want to eat a pear for seven days straight. Yes, it’s a plan but I’m going to get sick and tired of pears really quickly.

Friends of mine are using diet plans such as Weight Watchers and the Atkins Diet. I think this is a great idea because the ‘plans’ have things already picked out.

At Walmart, you can get a frozen meal dinner that has the points already labeled on it. Therefore, you know how it fits into your plan for the day. Plus, it makes it easier to find things to fit into the plan. Does that Snickers bar have a point value stamped on it? No? THEN IT’S NOT IN THE PLAN!

You’ll have to forgive my controlling tendencies, I don’t have very much control over things in my life and when I have the opportunity to control something, I grab with both hands.

While the plan might not necessarily work long term-wise… unless Weight Watchers forever continues on for the rest of my life, it is a great start to figure out what it is you’re supposed to be eating and how much of it to have as well.

Don’t get me wrong, temptation is always going to be around… especially at work when my co-workers bring in buffalo chicken dip for everyone.

I love buffalo chicken dip… and yes, one bite will not kill me… but it’s one bite that kicks open the door to temptation and then before I know it, I’m 25 chips in and have eaten the whole container.

I’m vowing to just stick to the plan and working hard to achieve the goals I want.

Temptations beware.


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