Books Still Win!

I recently went to a flea market where the whole lot was rather huge. I mean, we’re talking about 150 stands here.

As I was making my way around, I came upon a rather busy lot. People were swarming all over. There was one woman who was making a phone call saying that she was there and found so many things and wanted to know if the person on the phone wanted any that she could grab for them as well.

So, naturally, I was eager to see what everyone was getting all excited about.

When I got to the stand, I saw that it was boxes and boxes and boxes of books!


Not eBooks… actual books with pages and soothing smells and previously dog-earred and highlighted books!

I was over the moon excited!

Not for the books themselves (although I totally was) but for the fact that people were excited about it too.

I understand that you can get an eBook for $0.99 and have it read, stored, highlighted, and bookmarked in all the same ways but these people were still getting excited about the actual printed book.

My heart just lept for joy!

Take THAT Kindle!

While I’m sure people were buying them because they’re probably going to become collector’s items of actual printed books that no longer exist and will be put in museums for tour guides to say, “Once upon a time you actually had to hold the book and literally TURN THE PAGE!”

But for that moment, in that giant flea market, I found something that couldn’t be bought or sold.


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