A Matter of Perspective

It’s amazing how two people can view the same thing completely differently.

I’m not talking about a painting or a reaction to a poem, I’m talking about personal situations.

For instance, someone who makes $1 million a year might view someone who makes $40,000 a year as being ‘poor’ and someone who makes $40,000 a year sees someone who is making $20,000 a year as being ‘poor’ and the pattern continues on.

Someone who is working at McDonald’s might be unhappy and miserable because they feel they are worth more and should be doing something else and/or making more money. Meanwhile, someone who is 17 years old might view a job at McDonald’s as being a great job because they can work part-time and still have enough cash in their pocket to buy a new pair of shoes or whatever else they want.

Same job, different views.

I’ve always been told that a person’s life changes every day. One day their job might be fine and they might be enjoying what they are doing and then, overnight, it turns into a job that is requiring you to do more than your share of work and you’ve become overwhelmed. Next thing you know, your stress level is up 100% and you start to have health problems due to the stress. Overnight (theoretically) things have changed and you now have to find a different job (or at least a less stressful one) or even take early retirement. However, there’s someone else who is seeing this job as a great and amazing opportunity… at least until their perspective of the job changes after experiencing the reality of it.

It’s all sort of smoke and mirrors.

We often see what we want to instead of what’s really there. We see this job or the money we will be making as a great enhancement to our lives. We say, “This job will be great! I’ll gain experience and make more money! We should celebrate!” and then once we get in there we see that it’s nothing like the interviewer said it would be and winthin a year you’re already looking to get out.

The perspective has changed… and you could have been possibly lied to, but we’re focusing on perspective here.

Ultimately, you have a job which is a lot more than some people have right now. But it’s shadowed by the fact that the job is causing a severe amount of stress. The stress of not having a job is huge too; finances build up, stress accrues and then you’re happy just to have ANY job.

Again, a matter of perspective.

Things change. Our views change every day based on the knowledge we acquire throughout the day.

You could have the most amazing and best boyfriend in the world… until you find out he’s been cheating on you for three months. Now, he’s an asshole.

A matter of perspective.

What is most fearful of them all is that you never know when your perspective will change. You don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “I wonder if I’ll break up with my amazing boyfriend today,” or “I wonder if my job will become shitty today.”

The only time you want your perspective to change is if you’re already in – what you declare as – a shitty situation. If you are homeless and have no job then yes, you want to have our outlook and perspective on life to change… or at least I would hope you would. If you are going along working three jobs, wearing yourself down, then yes, you want the job to come along and have that perspective that this one job will make your life better… until that perspective changes again.

It’s a shape-shifter the perspective.

So, the main question then is, what are you to do about it? What are you to do when you see something and think it’s going to be great and wonderful and when you get there, your perspective changes and you realize you were actually quiet better off before?

The only solution I have come to is this: be happy with what you have. Take everything in stride. If you are unhappy, rememeber that you were once in a worse position; things got better and things will get better for this situation as well. Always strive for better things and hopefully, once you achieve it, you will realize it and hold on to it as hard as you can.


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