Grace In Small Things

Welcome to another Saturday and everyone knows what today is: Grace In Small Things!

1 – Slow work days. I don’t know about you and your workplace but mine is busy all.the.time. It’s constant paperwork, phone calls, scanning, etc. I swear it’s just a never-ending pile that shows up just for me. But every now and then, there’s a day that goes just a bit slower than usual and you can actually breathe. While rare, those are very treasured for me.

2 – Finding three things I want in one place. On my list, I have a few books that I want to read but don’t know. I was out running errands and I found ALL THREE OF THEM TOGETHER… ON THE SAME SHELF… BESIDE ONE ANOTHER! I didn’t think twice about buying them. I figured it was a sign.

3 – Twenty minute shopping. I was literally in the biggest hurry ever the other day and I needed to get a list load of things. I was running with my cart and got everything and was out of the store in all of twenty minutes. You must understand how impossible that is for me. I’m a casual shopper… I enjoy strolling through stores and looking and searching and pondering. Not this time, baby! In and out! It’s good because I got what I needed and wasn’t distracted into buying more than what I wanted.

4 – Working beer into my diet. I know, I know, alcohol is bad. But I wanted it the other day (since I haven’t had it in forever to begin with) and I found a 64 calorie beer that really isn’t too bad. It did the trick, basically. I was able to have a bottle and still have it fit within my calorie margin and I’m all about that.

5 – Zero calorie Vanilla Coke. I don’t know about you but I just discovered this earlier this week and I was doing a happy dance in the aisle. For the longest time I couldn’t find this and it is definitely a favored drink of mine. Totally psyched when I bought it and I’m enjoying every can of it.


As always, stop back here every Saturday to see what my Grace In Small Things were for the week. If you’re interested in what it is and being inspired by those who do it, you can go here… and you know you want to.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Father’s Day to those great daddies out there!


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