Grace In Small Things

Hello folks! Welcome to another Saturday!

Time for Grace In Small Things on Jagged Notes!

1 – Meeting interesting people. I work with the public and while most of the time the general public drives me absolutely insane, I find some diamonds in the rough. I met a great woman recently and she restored my faith in people again. Thank you to her.

2 – One pound away! I’m on my last pound to my goal weight that I have set for myself on my list. There should be a post soon when I’ve officially reached it, but I’m about 99% there!

3 – Goal rejuvination. There was a week, not too long ago, where I lost sight of what it is I was doing and the direction I was going in. Sometimes, it happens. But I had to center myself, remember what it is I was striving for, and what it meant to me to reach my goals. It’s okay to stumble, fall, and struggle. There are 365 days in a year, falling off the wagon for about 5 days is okay. I’m sure I’ll have more but the point is that I got re-focused and rejuvinated to continue on my journey.

4 – Having a good cry. I think this is more a girl thing. But there are times when I just feel like I need a good cry. Most of the time, when people get me down, I try my best to shake it off and possibly even drown myself in a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. But other times, it feels like everything just piles up and I need to cry it out. It totally helps. I wouldn’t consider it a bad thing all of the time. Every occassion is different but this is one of those good cries.

5 – Beginning a new book. I’ve got a few books on my list and it’s great to crack open a book and start a new journey. The beginning is usually the roughest for me since the majority of the first part of it is all back story that you have to learn about and meet all the characters but it’s the first steps in a great story.


As always, stop back here every Saturday for my Grace In Small Things. If you’re interested in what it is and how to start yourself, you can go here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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