Cruise Control

People tend to take for granted the fact that our bodies have cruise control.

I’m not talking about autopilot. I’m talking about cruise control.

Autopilot is just going through the motions and not having any real emotions about it and if there is any emotion, it’s either boredom or hatred (from being so bored).

Cruise control is when you know your job well enough that you’re efficent in it. When something out of the ordinary happens like an alarm or a freak accident, you don’t freak out. You’ve handled it before and you’re going to handle it again like a pro because you’ve been there and done that.

Think of the newbie on a job. All confused and unsure of what they’re doing; everything is new and they have no idea how to handle anything whatsoever. And you might say to them, “Don’t worry, kid. You’ll get it eventually.”

If you’ve said that line or anything similar to it – you’ve achieved cruise control.

The newbies want this. They want to be able to come into their job and just do it. Kind how Nike always says.

But until then, whether they admit it or not, they’re jealous of you. Especially when other people come up to you and ask for someone else who has ‘been there a while’ to handle their problem/situation.

Oh my God! Seriously!? I mean, I’m not a complete waste of space just sitting here… I just haven’t found my cruise control option yet. I’m still looking!

Being a current newbie… I’m stressing out here, folks. I can’t find my cruise control and I’m not even sure I’ll have found it in the next month.

I don’t like this feeling. I like the satisfaction of knowing how to do my job; and to do it well. I want that cruise control. I want that boredom!

I know, I know, “I’ll get it in time.” That’s what everyone’s been telling me. But for now, my head is killing me with all of this new stuff. Until I know it, it’s straight up memorization and as everyone knows, that doesn’t stick. You memorize it enough to carry you through to the next ten minutes… not the rest of the week!

Is my stress showing yet?

Until then, I’m trying (and failing) to relax. I know things are out of whack with my body. I’m having those bad cravings for comfort food. Everyone knows what I’m talking about (Chubby Hubby ice cream, cookies, chocolate, cake, cupcakes). Yum! So delicious! And while I’ll enjoy drowing myself in all the sugary goodness, I have a diet that I’m trying to maintain on top of this as well. Stress and cravings are horrible for dieters! I’m trying to hold off for my cheat days but I can feel myself slipping.

Thankfully, the week is almost over and my cheat day is almost here!

In time, my cruise control will come… and hopefully the control over my diet will return as well.

But for all of those out there who are already on cruise control… help a newbie out, will ya? Geez! We’re all trying the best we can.

If you can’t help us out… or you see that we’re stressed… a nice chocolate cupcake will suffice.


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