Just One

I am still amazed at some things in this world. For instance, I don’t understand why more things are zero calorie.

With the world in such a crisis about childhoood obesity and everyone obsessed with losing weight, you think companies would be coming out with zero calorie foods and drinks like they were the next best thing to sliced bread.

But they’re not. In fact, I swear they’re coming out with even higher calorie foods. Have you seen how many calories are in a 20oz. bolttle of Pepsi?! I think it’s about 250. Or at least somewhere around there. I enjoy my Diet Pepsi very well.

Another thing, everything is sold in bulk now.

Sometimes, I just want one.

I don’t want 12 cupcakes, I just want one. I’m just looking to indulge in just a small treat without having the other 11 as temptation for me to fight the rest of the day… and maybe even the next.

I was fortunate enough to find a place that sells only one cupcake but then the other day, I just wanted one cookie. I just wanted one sugar cookie to have as my dessert and I couldn’t find just one. Or if I did, it was the size of Texas. I don’t want to have 1.5lbs of one cookie, I just want a small cookie, damnit!

I understand that we’re all on a budget crunch because we don’t have the best economy and if you can get more for your buck, you’ll take it. But I’m willing to pay a smaller fee for my solo cookie.

Sometimes, all you need is just one.

I think if there was the option of it more people would find it easier to maintain their weight. They won’t have 11 other cookies there staring at them causing them to seriously have to fight temptation. They can have their one small dessert as their treat and be done with it.

They give you the option of buying just one pear or one peach… why not have the option of buying just one cookie?

I’ve seen the singles on college campuses but I haven’t come across very many around here.

I live in a crazy small town so maybe the bigger cities are big on singles.

Not out here folks.

But just one.

I only want one.

Sometimes, it’s all you really need. One scoop of ice cream. One slice of pie.

Simplify your life with just one. See how that goes. You’ll feel better. You won’t feel the guilt of downing a whole dozen of them. You’ll be able to resist the temptations because it won’t be there.

We all deserve to indulge and have our rewards. But we don’t have to over kill it.

One’s enough for me. One is all I need.


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