What’s in My Purse

I have this weird curiosity about what other women carry around in their purses. I don’t know why. I think it’s because I want to know I’m not the only one carrying around a bunch of useless shit. Somedays, my purse weighs about 10 lbs. Other days, like recently after I cleaned it out of all the candy wrappers, loose change, and empty water bottles, it lightened up fairly quickly.

So, since I’ve stalked and creeped others and what they carry along with them, I figured I would share with all of you what I carry in mine. Now, it’s not as exciting as it might seem… but it’s a small peak into my world… and you’ll see that it’s quite mundane.

Please feel free to share with me what you have in your purses, ladies. I’m totally interested.

1. Wallet. Um, this is sort of necessary. I’ve had this wallet for years… seriously. I bought it at a PayLess Shoe store. Those stores aren’t even OPEN anymore! I should get a new one but, my best friend has the same one in black, so, I keep it for her… even though she doesn’t even use hers anymore. It’s a sentimental thing.

2. Lipstick bag. This is where I keep my lip glosses, lipsticks, chapsticks, etc. It’s all there so I’m not digging through my purse in a dire need of chapstick.

3. Kleenex. I have a running nose and watery eyes pretty much all year round now. So, yeah. Simple. Plus, you never know when you’re going to be in a restroom and there’s no more toilet paper! I am prepared! Woo hoo!

4. Anti-bacterial hand lotion. Kills germs and softens all in one. From Bath and Body Works; Midnight Pomegranate scent. This is good for a one-time deal. Like after the restroom when I know I’m not going to be washing my hands again until I need to and I’m going to be holding my boyfriends hand. Germ free and soft!

5. Cocoa Butter lotion. I needed this because it gives a bigger kick of moisture than the anti-bacterial one. Somedays, my hands are just tomb dry.

6. My work ID badge. I need this to punch in and out so, of course it’s with me at all times.

7. Notebook with pens. I have these great and brilliant thoughts and ideas and I can never remember them on my own. So, I have this on me when I get that inspirational moment.

8. Clean & Clear Oil Sheets. I have oily skin. In the summer, it looks like I’m always sweating… a lot. An unusually large amount of sweat. Nope. Just my oily skin. These sheets come in handy quite often… and they work really well!

9. Eye drops. My eyes (when they’re not watering up a storm and causing me to reach for #3) are dry as a bone. Oily skin, dry hands… dry eyes. Don’t know why. So, I keep these on hand. Plus, I think it’s my contacts that cause the problem sometimes, so, this helps moisten them too.

10. Compact mirror. Great to have! Awesome to check to see if you have anything in your teeth, if you have something in your eye, absolutely anything. It’s awesome. I got it as a bridesmaid gift from my cousin. So, I’m putting it to good use.

11. Hairspray. My hair, in all types of weather, is unpredictable. I can never figure it out. Hairspray helps… a lot. Best thing I ever bought for my purse.

12. Mints. These are great because I can always guarantee fresh breath and it’s good for you when you’re hungry but don’t want to eat (or can’t) just yet. Mint is an appetite suppressant. So, while you’re waiting for the movie to end so you can head to dinner, but you have a grumble in your tummy… pop a mint!

13. This is a coffee slip that I got from Sheetz with a coupon for a free donut. I have it with me for my next chance to get a donut for breakfast!

14. Trident gum. Again, it’s for fresh breath but it’s also something to keep my mouth busy. It’s cinnnamon (also a great appetite suppressant) and it’s just an overall different flavor.

15. iPod. This is my everything. I have it with me pretty much all of the time. It’s one of those things I can never leave home without.

16. Checkbook. Another thing I can never leave home without because I’m probably going to need it for something and the minute I need it, I don’t have it… so, it comes whether it likes it or not.

17. Hairbrush. Along with #11, I can never figure out my hair but it’s thin enough that it tangles easily. This little pink beauty is great!

18. Hand sanitizer. Ladies, you should all have something like this in your purse. We use public bathrooms like no one’s business. You’re going to need it and you WILL use it if you have it… so you better have it!

19. Cellphone. Seriously. I think I need this more than I need my left arm. My phone is pretty much my only form of communication to everyone that I love and then some. My ipod and phone do basically the same things… but my phone is just something that I have grown to need in my life.

20 (not shown). A book of some sort. The books rotate depending on what I’m reading at the time. However, I usually have something with me because I never know when I’m going to be waiting and the books that I read are usually larger and take more time to finish so, any progress that I can make in reading is good.

The purse itself was a birthday gift that I bought for myself for my 25th birthday earlier this year. It came from Claire’s and was about $30.

So that’s all that I have with me. Other items that I carry but aren’t necessarily always in my purse are water bottles, snack bars, my camera that I used to take the photo, etc. These items, again, are all on a rotation and occassionally make it in there. What you  see in the picture is what I usually have on me at all times.

It’s my world… all in one bag.


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