Grace In Small Things

Hello, hello! It’s Saturday! Oh my goodness is it hot… and humid! Seriously!

Okay, let’s go:

1 – Catching up with friends. I stopped and chatted with a friend of mine that I didn’t see for about a week. It’s great to just sit and chew the fat. She makes me laugh and has wonderful children; it’s definitely a great way to unwind.

2 – Being right. I know that it shouldn’t matter who is right and who is wrong… but then again, there are times when being right feels really good. I deal with the public and while ‘the customer is always right’ it’s nice to know that I can still legitimately win some battles with people. Again, I know it’s not a habit that I should be making but… it’s still nice every now and then.

3 – All Women Stalk. Great website! They’re all about lists which is really cool and has me thinking about making a few ‘list blog posts’. Very interesting stuff on here and definitely a lot of useful hints, tricks, and ideas.

4 – Cool mornings. I want to say that this sounds familiar enough that I’ve had it before, but for being the first few days of August, we still had some rather chilly mornings… and they were nice. Definitely nice and cool before the heat and humidity set in!

5 – The last pages. I recently finished a book and to know that you are on the final pages is amazing. Everything is in those last pages! Whether it’s the ending of a great story, the whole book coming together, or a satisfying resolution, it’s great to get to them. Plus, you know that you’ve finished a book! Yay!


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