Just In Case

I had shit covered long before Safe Auto came along with car insurance ‘just in case’ you needed it.

I was the girl who carried around a ten pound purse with shit in it ‘just in case’ something happened.

It was all outrageous things too.

I would go through phases as well and therefore, my purse would reflect said phases.

For example, I was in college and I had a huge reading list for one of my classes, so, I carried around three books on the reading list with me at all times ‘just in case’ I had time to read and by chance managed to finish the first book, I would have a second and third book prepared.

Let me tell you, I was never in a situation when I had to wait for hours and had the time to read. I think the only time I had this opportunity was when I was waiting to have the oil changed in my car at Walmart. Other than that, I never came across an opportunity outside of the library or my apartment when I had the time to read. I don’t know why I carried around three. I mean, we’re talking three fully UN-read books here. Well, the first one I clearly had started but the other two were ‘just in case’ I managed to finish a 300 page book and STILL had time to kill. It was outrageous but yet it made sense to me.

I would carry around band-aids and shit ton of makeup. I don’t know why I had to have 12 different shade of lipstick on me at any given time. Instead of just rotating them to whichever one I was going to wear that day and keep only that one in there, I would carry a dozen of them ‘just in case’ I wanted to wear another one.

It got to the point where I didn’t even keep lipstick in the bathroom, they were all just in my purse. I would go to the purse to find the lipstick I wanted to wear, put it on and then just throw it back in the purse because I knew I would have to touch it up later.

The things that I DO REALLY NEED; however, are never on me.

I don’t know how this happens.

I will never have a pen when I need one… or if I do have the pen, it’ll be out of ink.

I will never have a tissue when I need it.

I will never have eye drops when I need them. Again, I’ll have the EMPTY bottle of eye drops and the EMPTY package of tissues but never ACTUALLY what I need.

I will never have the quarter for the machine… or I will be one quarter shy of a full dollar for the pop machine.

I will never have chapstick… although I will have 12 other gorgeous shades of lipstick that will not suffice.

I will never have floss… ever.

I will never have mints… the empty container, sure… but the actual mint, nope.

Everything else though… I’ve got it!

You know, Just in case.


Note: The photo is from this source which has already done all the preparation for you and has created a ‘Just In Case’ kit for the end-of-the-world apocalypse. They’re even more prepared than I am. I mean, I just have books and makeup.


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