Grace In Small Things

Hello, hello again!

It’s another great Saturday and here we are!

1 – Short work days. Yes, I know that not working at all would be better but, hey, if I don’t have to stay that long and can still have a large part of the day to me – I’ll take it!

2 – Free meal! I received a coupon for a free meal for doing a lot of extra work. I have to say, it’s definitely awesome to eat good for free!

3 – Slow-motion moments. I had a couple of these throughout the week. It sort of a moment when the world seems to move in slow motion for me… like it’s straight from a scene from a movie. These are good moments too not like watching the glass object in your hand fall to the ground and shatter. These are moments that are worth savoring.

4 – Back to School supplies. I don’t know what it is, but why do they always bring out the best notebooks and pens when it’s time for school? I’m seeing like, the cutest little notebook/pen sets. I want to buy them all, of course. I have a weird obsession with office supplies that I don’t need. Although I’ve been out of school for some time, it’s nice to remember my school days.

5 – Rom-Coms. I think it has a little something to do with being a girl but there are some romantic-comedy movies that I can just watch again and again. I mean, I know they get together in the end anyway, but I still love to watch them! It’s like comfort food for my eyes.


Grace In Small Things is something you can do too! Really! It is! You can go here if you’re interested in more!

Thanks for stopping by this Saturday and have a great weekend!


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