Lord of the Flies (#14)

Number four on my list is to read Lord of the Flies. The reason this book made the list was because of it being a classic. I’m all about catching up on the classics that I’ve missed while growing up.

The book is a quick, short read and it definitely is very symbolic in the sense of who/what we are as humans. We, as humans, are capable of anything. We can adapt, grow, change, learn, and alter pretty much anything and everything about ourselves. We have the advanced capabilities to do more than most animals in the animal kingdom. Granted, we might not always be at our best and we might not always win every battle if we’re up against say, a bear, but we definitely have the capabilities to do so.

That all being said, Lord of the Flies definitely takes a look at children who, when left to themselves in the wilderness respond to human nature and challenge what we do as part of a civilization.

It’s definitely an intriguing book and I definitely found myself quickly turning the pages to see what happens next. The ending is definitely quick and sort of ironic and symbolic in itself. I’m very glad that I read it. I would recommend it only if you’re interested in reading it. Which is to say, I’m not going to stop you and say, “You’ve got to read this book!” but, if you told me you were thinking of reading it and/or are reading it, I would encourage you to do it.

All in all, I think it’s definitely a quick read to sort of break up the longer reads that one might take on during their reading lists.

Read on, readers!


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