Grace In Small Things

Hey there! It’s another Saturday! You ready? I know I am!

1 – In Season. There are a lot of things showing up now that fall is ‘in season’… well, sort of. We’re preparing for it. Fall isn’t until Sept. 22 but we’re getting there. So I’m enjoying everything as it is coming out!

2 – Old Favorites. There have been a couple of things in my life that I once loved and for whatever reason the item was either discontinued or was no longer carried or whatever. But all in one day, a few of my old favorites were found again and I was happy! I loved them for a reason and I’m so thankful they were brought back again. Thank you, universe.

3 – Samples. If you don’t love samples, there’s something wrong. I’m sorry but there is. I went to a store recently and they mostly sell a whole bunch of kitchen related items. They have coffees, teas, dessert mixes, decor, etc. as well but for the most part, it’s things related to the kitchen. At any rate, they had a ‘sample’ of their Pumpkin Dip with some crackers to try out. Ermergerd! I loved it. If it wasn’t $9 for a small ass jar, I would have bought it. Seriously. I would have. But $9? And this was a small jar here. I’m cheap! But, I did enjoy that sample. Still thinking about it… and searching for ways to make a cheaper at-home version 😉

4 – New Favorite Words. I don’t know if anyone has seen the meme but, I have to admit, I’m totally in love with it. I don’t know why. My BF thinks I’m insane but it’s just one of those things that I just got stuck on. The word: Ermergerd! I’m saying it about everything! “Ermergerd! Coffee!”, “Ermergerd! Pierogies!”, “Ermergerd! Breaking Bad!” I know. I’m weird. Don’t judge.

5 – When Everything Clicks. There are times when you’re trying to learn something and you keep failing. Things just aren’t really working for you. Then, one day, everything ‘clicks’. All of a sudden, it all makes sense. It’s like a light went off in your brain and ‘click!’ it all worked. Those, are some pretty awesome moments.

Those are my five Graces for this week. I hope you had some pretty awesome ones yourself. As always, you can bounce over here to see what others are up on on Grace In Small Things.

Have a great weekend, guys!


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