The Darker Shade of Things

I’m a natural brunette. I enjoy being of the darker persuasion and I’ve never (not once) ventured over to the other side.

My two best girlfriends are both sunshine girls, if you will. Although, the one ventured over to the dark side and vacationed here for a bit.

In the summer time, I usually venture to the lighter shade of brown and have had the occasional blonde highlights.

It has been statsically proven (although I can’t remember by which specific study) that men perfer blondes over brunettes. Something about how the lighter hair color reminds men of youth and that’s exactly what men want, forever youthful women. There’s a sort of innocence attached to the lighter side that men prefer as well.

I once had a guy tell me that ‘all brunettes look the same to him’ and I simply replied, “yeah, it’s hard to differentiate you from the other assholes as well so I’m not offended.”

I think that I would look horrible with blonde hair and I’m quite happy with staying on my dark side.

I once worked at an office where there were two Jessica’s: one blonde and then me; the brunette. We talked about how if we were going to ever do something together, we should play off of that. She would be: The Sunny Side and I would be The Dark Side. I didn’t mind. I don’t consider my darker hair as being evil. I mean, in all honesty, Darth Vader was pretty cool… evil… but cool… and really cute… before the accident, of course. God love Hayden Christensen.

I recently went to an even darker shade for the fall/winter season. Last year, I went full on black. This time around I think it was something of a dark mahogany. Nevertheless, I stay on my dark side.

I find it to be more mysterious and exotic than the sunnier shades. Again, I’m sure there are those who argue that blondes can be just as mysterious and exotic but, the black swan wasn’t blonde.

Now, the big two questions that are on everyone’s mind:

1 – Do blondes really have more fun?

2 – Is there a blonde envy?

For starters, as I mentioned earlier, I was never a blonde and don’t ever want to be a blonde so, I don’t know if they have more fun than brunettes. Personally, I think I have fun no matter what. I might have a different kind of fun than blondes but it’s still fun. I think it’s more on the personality than the hair color. I mean, do redheads have any fun? No one ever brings them in to this debate.

And as for there being an envy. I don’t know. I can’t say for sure. I think with it being statistically proven than males prefer blonde females over brunette females would naturally cause some sort of conflict. What’s wrong with the brunettes, fellas? I don’t say that I envy blondes or their hair color. I am quite happy with what I got going on with myself. I think I gravitate more towards brunette celebrities than blonde ones (for both males and females) but again, that could be a subconscious bias.

While blondes might have the slight advantage, I think that brunettes offer a nice temptation to the dark side of things.

So, all in all, I think I’ll stay with my darker shade of things and enjoy the fact that I live on the dark side.


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