One of Those People…

Have you ever said, “I wish I was one of those people who…” and then you filled in the rest of that sentence with some glamorous idea of what type of person you’d be and the kind of life you wish you had?

No? Just me. Okay. I’m weird.

But let’s just roll with this idea for a second shall we? Open your mind and creativity for a second with me.

I’ll post some pictures to help better explain the thought I’m trying to express here. Keep in mind, these are extremely idyllic and overly romanticized ideas which make them so enticing and seductive.

For this first image, I see this as a morning breakfast. The waffles, coffee, computer, it looks to be like a great and perfect way to spend a morning. Maybe you’ll do some writing that day or even read the paper online while you enjoy a great, delicious breakfast (free of all calories too). For some reason, no matter what image I have in my head about this, no matter who is involved, they’re always sophisticated, slim, intelligent and very charismatic. I want to be ‘one of those people’. One of those people who can start their day off like this. Even with my own computer and some waffles, it just doesn’t look (or even feel) the same.

For this second photo, I see this as a person who is obsessed with pink but for whatever reason, doesn’t make it appear as if she should be on medication because of it. It seems fluffy and girly. She’s got a book, coffee, phone, and a pen and it still looks incredibly attractive and like I want to be ‘one of those people’. I want to be the slender arm and hand that cusp the coffee mug and is surrounded by pink but makes it appear feminine and interesting. She looks like she makes it work. I know the ‘Hello Kitty’ image might throw some people off but being a child at heart is always a good thing. You grow up and age and gain a lot more responsibility than you bargained for so why not fall in love with ‘Hello Kitty’ and be a girl?

This next image is definitely going to be very glamorized as to what I think is going on and why I want to be one of those people. I see this girl as someone who is working on something amazing. She’s passionate, tired, and over worked but there is something brilliant being created in that moment. You can tell she’s dedicated and she’s working hard. I want to be one of those people. I want to surround myself with my passion, be in love with it, be overwhelmed by it, make it my life and be 100% dedicated to it! Sure, she might appear tired but in the end, it’ll all be worth it to put your name on it and have it become one of the biggest successes of your life. Not only that but it’s just a spring board to what your future is about to hold. This endless few nights are just the beginning of something bigger.

This last one might not be all that healthy, but sometimes, sinful addictions and guilty pleasures feel so good. I want to be one of those people who when you think of them, you think of three things: Coffee, cigarettes, and books. To be summed up in those three words is a lot better than someone saying you’re confused, lost, and hopeless. Worse yet, I think if someone had to point out three things that they always saw me with it would probably be a confused look, flat hair and no direction. So, to have these three things instead (in my mind) are a lot better. So, for me, to see this picture, I see someone who just needs a cup of Starbucks coffee and a cigarette and who is lost in a good book. Which, the book in the photo – I have! It’s a good book. Plus, I love Starbucks (but there’s not one around here) so, I’m only about 33% of this picture. I guess I just want to have a life of something that doesn’t revolve around anything else but the simple things in life and is happy with that.

So for me, these are the types of people that I wish I could be all in one. I want to live this fantastic life that I know doesn’t exist because I created it all from photos, movies, and a complete exaggeration of the imagination. But it’s a world that I want to live in despite all of its impossibilities and hopefully, one day, if even just for a moment, I could live in these pictures.


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