Jalapeno Poppers (#19)

As I’m sure you’re already familiar with my list, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of #19: Jalapeno Poppers. I know, I know, it sounds easy but you have to realize that I’m an awful cook. Like… awful… it’s horrible how bad I am I’m sure the older generations would be ashamed of me. But! I did try it! Unfortunately, I took the photos on my phone and then my phone SD card broke so, I lost the photos! Sucks, right?! The RARE TIME that I cook and my evidence is destroyed!

I found the recipe here and I have to say, they didn’t look like they did in the picture. Mine came out sort of a big mess of sorts. Everything was going fine, I laid out the dough and made the filling. I spread the filling on the dough just fine… but then… I had to roll it. I don’t know why it was so difficult but it was. I tried my hardest. The first roll wasn’t the greatest but the second one was a lot better. Once rolled, you have to cut them.

This is when everything went wrong. I don’t know if my knife wasn’t sharp enough or if the dough was too dough-y or what but these puppies wouldn’t cut. I was dragging the dough and the filling all about trying to slice the stupid motherfu—- you get the point.

But, once I got them somewhat jagged sawed into pieces and baked they tasted DELICIOUS! I’m not going to lie, those little jacked up looking puppies taste good with a beer. They’re hot, spicy, and sweet and oh-so-good.

Looked disastrous, tasted FANTASTIC! So, I would definitely recommend making them just because they’re going to taste good but I wouldn’t recommend displaying them for a party… well… that is, if you’re awful in the kitchen like me. If you’re a great cook with a sharp knife then go at it and display away! But for me, I’ll just save this one for myself with a six pack.

Happy cooking!!


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