Fall Survival Kit

Fall has arrived and with it comes a lot of unexpected turns and changes in the weather. We had 77 degree weather on Friday and then 52 degree weather on Saturday. Talk about mood swings, Mother Nature!

Anyway, as a female who clearly carries a big purse, I’ve decided to share with other ladies out there (and curious gentlemen) on what items you should have on you to help survive the fall. Now, I’ve tried to make them as gender neutral as possible but, I can’t guarantee 100% of anything. I tried my best though so, that should count for something, right? Okay, so here’s the kit:

1 Hat and/or Scarf. You never know what the weather is going to bring. Having either (or both) of these items on hand guarantees that you’re going to be at least warm. Leave a scarf/hat in the car or throw one in your purse! I always keep one in my purse just in case something happens and I walk into Walmart and it’s fine but I come out and it’s like I walked into Iceland… it happens… I live in a weird town.

2. Chapstick. You can buy these in ANY register lane no matter where you are. Ladies, you can even get the SHIMMER Chapstick if you want! Stock up on these puppies in case one ends up in the dryer… and you know it always does. You will never regret carrying one of these on hand. I promise you that.

3. A Bag of Tea. Hear me out. I know that unless you have a cup and some hot water, it ain’t going to mean jack to carry around tea. But trust me… you’re going to find yourself (at some point) with some hot water available and you’re going to have a nice little getaway with your tea. Hell, if you’re in a hurry, just make some hot water before heading out the door! You’ll already have your tea with you! I have a tumbler in the car as I type! Try it.

4. Lotion. No Fall Survival Kit is complete without lotion. Dry, cool weather just screams chapped hands. You’re going to want to keep a small bottle or tube of this wherever you can. No one wants rough hands. You never know when you’re going to meet someone and have to shake hands or if someone asks you to hold their hand to keep it warm… you’re going to want soft hands. Invest!

5. Tissues. With colder weather comes runny noses and then you’re going to think, “Why didn’t I bring any tissues?” I had this one embarrassing moment when I knew my nose was running but I also knew I was going to meet someone and I didn’t have a tissue so, I had to use my hand because, what else was there?, and when I wiped my nose, whatever was in there was quite flexible because it stretched out! Yup. I’m reliving this embarrassing moment for you just to teach you a lesson – ALWAYS CARRY TISSUES! If not for you, then for the sake of someone else.

I hope this helps everyone stock up on some much needed – much appreciated – items to start this beautiful fall season. You can carry these well into winter if you would like but I tend to carry heavier artillery when it comes winter time. But, it’s called a survival kit for a reason. Get a little box, fill it up, and keep it in your car. You’ll thank me later.

Happy Autumn!


One thought on “Fall Survival Kit

  1. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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