Grace In Small Things

It’s another great Saturday! Time for the usual re-cap of my graces for this week!

1 – Facing your fears. I know this isn’t something that’s common but when you have the opportunity, you should take it. I know it’s hard and it sucks and you might panic – I know I did – it’s definitely worth it. You will definitely grow as a person by doing it.

2 – Creating a Plan-B. I’m all about planning. I enjoy having plans and knowing options to every situation. I just like having a back-up plan if things go wrong. It gives me a sense of security. I know some people live their lives with no Plan-B but,  I’m definitely one who needs it. So far, I’ve been living without a back-up plan and it has been making me extremely anxious. But! No longer will I worry! I’m starting to create a couple of Plan-B’s and I’m definitely excited about them.

3 – Making Progress. I actually had someone compliment me on making progress! I was totally excited about it! I knew I was, even though they were small, but for someone else to take notice to it as well and to say something definitely made my day!

4 – Great Fall Days. We’ve had a couple of nasty days here but today has been BEAUTIFUL! It’s the perfect fall day of a slightly cooler weather but not too cool to even need a coat. It’s a nice day to walk around admiring the gorgeous fall colors.

5 – Candy Corn. I am a BIG LOVER of candy corn. I think it’s the best treat ever to have in October. For me, it just screams fall and Halloween and festive celebrations. Plus, they’ve expanded the flavors to include caramel candy corn and caramel apple candy corn. It’s the perfect topping on a lot of fall treats too! Yum!

Well, that’s it for me this week. If you’re interested in GIST and want to know more, you can go here. I hope you too can have five (or more) great things to be happy about this week! Have a great weekend!


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