I’ve been writing for quite some time now and while you might know a lot about what I think about, there’s not much that you might really know about me. Sure, I’ve done some random blogs about my weird little eccentricities but, there’s more randomness to me than you might imagine. So, I figured I would share some of those random little fun facts about me that make me, me.

1. My middle name is Marie… and I hate it… always have… most  likely always will.

2. My favorite color is blue… any shade of it really, I find it to be quite calming.

3. My favorite animal is a cow… I don’t really know why, I’ve always been drawn to them.

4. I have a fear of falling.

5. I prefer black pens over any other color.

6. I have four tattoos… and I want to get more someday.

7. My eyes are blue.

8. My favorite candy are Reese Cups… unless it’s October and then I’m obsessed with candy corn.

9. I wear zebra slippers… and I love them.

10. My pj’s have coffee cups all over them.

11. I’m 5’3″

12. I think chocolate cake with white icing is THE WORST cake and icing combo EVER!

13. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby

14. I Love Cookie Dough Blizzards from Dairy Queen

15. I have never seen The Exorcist

16. I have never seen any of the Godfather movies

17. I wish I could have met Audrey Hepburn

18. Mac n Cheese with Peas is my favorite dish

19. In high school I played the clarinet… and hated it.

20. I loved the Spice Girls

21. ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’ by Bryan Adams makes me want to cry… in a good way though… it’s a beautiful song.

22. I miss going to the movies with my mom… a lot

23. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving

24. I hate New Years Eve

25. My favorite number is 5

26. I think the piano is the most beautiful instrument

27. Van Gogh is my favorite painter

28. I love the song ‘Joy Ride’ by Roxette

29. The Pink Ranger was my favorite Power Ranger when I was little

30. I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean

31. My sign: Aquarius

32. I’m Pro-Choice

33. I support Gay Rights

34. I would love to visit Poland

35. I suck at math… it is the bane of my existence

Well there ya go! I hope you enjoyed all those little fun facts about me… and if I’m lucky, we have a few in common 😉


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