Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate

It’s hard to believe there was a time that women had tea parties. Not the political movement that it’s known as today but rather an actual gathering over tea and snacks to talk, gossip, and catch up.

Invitations were sent, good silver was polished, dresses were worn.

I find it rather interesting that we don’t even do it that often anymore. I used to get together with girlfriends over coffee to chat and catch up but those days have long since passed. I’m missing it very much.

I enjoyed slowing down, enjoying a good cup of coffee, and just bullshitting the next hour or so away. Catching up on her life and what was going on in it.

While I know tea parties took place during a time women didn’t have much power or rights, I wouldn’t mind bringing back tea-time. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves.

Actually have a conversation with someone? What!? Why can’t I just text them or Facebook them instead?

I know, actual conversation is becoming a dying art today.

While I don’t want anything too fancy, the hats and dresses can be left at home, I wouldn’t mind just having a nice cup of tea, coffee or even hot chocolate with some nice small sandwiches and a good conversation.

Turn off the cell phone.

Don’t check the email.

Don’t look at Twitter.

Just relax, drink, eat, and chat.

What I find to be very interesting is that I don’t even remember being into tea parties as a small girl. I never had that ‘pretend tea party’ with my stuffed animals or barbies.

My barbies had multiple weddings… but never a tea party.

Lucky for me, Google has an answer for everything and I researched how to host a tea party.

I’m not going to lie, I got some good responses and I’m totally thinking about hosting one someday.

I’m sure I’ll look like a complete weirdo asking people over for a tea party but hopefully they’ll roll with it long enough to just realize they’ll be getting free food and drinks.


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