Grace In Small Things

Welcome to another Saturday, folks! It’s actually not that bad out today. Let’s get started:

1 – Advice. There are some moments when someone gives you advice and it sort of just seems like something you should have known all along but they brought this new perspective to your eyes. I received some really good advice this week and I’m so thankful for it. It was definitely bold advice but sometimes, it has to be so you can slap yourself in the face to get shit done.

2 – Bold moves. There are some days or even moments in your life when you choose to (or have to) do something bold. It’s definitely outside of your comfort zone but you take that challenge on and accept whatever may happen next. I’m not going to lie, there may be an adjustment period after said bold move, but nevertheless it was daring, bold, out-of-character and totally worth it.

3 – Going all in. If you’re going to do something, commit to it. In my post about swimming, I bought goggles and a swim cap and it might have seemed like I was preparing for the Olympics but in reality, those things became very necessary for me to achieve the goals I wanted to. If I wasn’t serious about it, then I wouldn’t have bought them and wouldn’t have done all that I have because of it. Don’t let someone tell you that you’re becoming obsessed or you’re ‘taking things too far’. Go all in or go home.

4 – Harvest cookies. Sheetz sells this seasonal Harvest cookie. If you haven’t had one. Go get one. You’ll thank me later.

5 – Change. We all know that change is a constant and we may not always be happy with the changes that occur but they’re going to happen no matter what. Sometimes it’s scary and sometimes it’s exciting. Either way, without change, we can’t grow without it.

Those are my five for this week. If you’re interested in what GIST is and want to see what others are saying, you can go here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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