Grace In Small Things

Hello, hello! I hope everyone has had their fill of Thanksgiving food and got all of their Black Friday shopping done! There was a lot to be thankful for this week so let’s get to it!

1 – Family. My family has showed me amazing support and love this week. There’s been a lot of tension and bickering in the family but I know that when it comes down to it, I can turn to them and trust them no matter what. Thank you to my family for being so wonderful and awesome.

2 – Friends. It’s amazing how people who aren’t forced to be in your life (like family) can really act and support you like family. They provide opinions and thoughts and support and they do this willingly. They don’t have to but they do. They definitely enrich my life beyond words.

3 – Family dinners. It has been a crazy long time since my family and I gathered around the table all at once. While it used to be more common when I was little, our lives have since gotten to be very hectic and our schedules are all out of whack. But gathering around the table for a meal is the best thing a girl can wish for.

4 – Childhood memories. There were so many trips down memory lane this week that I absolutely loved it. It was great to bring back all those memories of when we were little and when we were just starting out our lives and experiencing everything along the way. Those memories are what got you here today and made you who you are. Cherish them always.

5 – Laughter. It’s amazing what laughter can do for the heart and soul. My family is one goofy group of people. The things we experience and the things we say are sometimes down right hilarious. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve almost cried… twice! We are a family of storytellers so when we talk about our experience, we use the best words, descriptions, and reenactments that it’s hard not to laugh sometimes. Laughter is something that can turn a boring day into an awesome one. So laugh today too.


Well that’s it for me folks, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and continues to have great days through this next upcoming holiday season!


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