Grace In Small Things

GISTIt’s another Saturday… and another day closer to Christmas… and the New Year! How time flies. But, for now, it’s Saturday… so let’s get to it!

1 – Space Heaters. My room is freaking cold. This is not the season to have a cold room. So, I purchased a space heater and I’m in love! It keeps my room so nice and toasty! It’s even warmer than the rest of the house… almost hot even. But I definitely love it and can be comfortable while watching TV and not have my toes fall off due to frost. Love it!

2 – Hot chocolate. It’s the season for it… so give in to it. You know you want to… it’s delicious! Have a cup… with some marshmallows… and you won’t regret it. Trust me.

3 – Re-discovery. Have you ever had one of those moments when you start looking for something and instead find five other things that you forgot you had? Yup. Those are pretty awesome, right? Cause now it feels like you have five new things when really, you’ve had it all along… but it’s new again because you haven’t worn it in so long, people think it’s new. But that’s okay, you know the truth.

4 – Mother & Daughter dates. Everyone loves their mother. My mom and I have spent many days together… and it’s still fun. Girls love to shop, watch movies, talk, and laugh. We do all of that and more. So many memories consist of the strange and fun experiences we have together. Thanks, Mom. You’re still still awesome.

5 – Hot pot. There’s this sort of… kettle, that I bought… a pitcher, maybe. You fill it with a liquid – water, milk, soup, etc. It heats up based on the temperature you set it at and in a matter of 10 mins. or less, it’s heated! How awesome is that! You can have tea or hot chocolate at ANY TIME! Woo hoo! Plus, I got Gingerbread tea (which is delicious) and I can have it when I need it. Get one of these bad boys for sure! Hey! If you have one of these, you can do #2 on this list too! Yay! Two for one!

Well, these are my graces for this week. I hope you had five of them or more yourselves. Have a great weekend!


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