Grace In Small Things

GISTI know, I know, I’m a few days late on this but it’s been a busy weekend! Full of exciting things! So let’s get to them!

1 – Take your daughter to work days. I know I did this when I was little. It was supposed to show you what your parents did and it always seemed more interesting than school. Now that I’m in the work force myself, I’d rather be back in school. But I had the rare opportunity to travel with my mom to work. She showed me a quick tour and then I was off to take an adventure on my own. But seeing my mom work (and where she worked) was one great time for me.

2 – Awesome discussions with my brother. I have a younger brother who is awesome to say the very least. But it’s always really cool when he and I can just BS or talk about movies that we’ve seen and why we liked them or why we didn’t. He always has well thought out answers and he considers everything greatly before speaking. He’s not the type to just say, “Whatever” or “I don’t know” he’s got a lot of reasons and explanations to back everything up. Which makes him all the more awesome.

3 – Wi-Fi. I think we’re already taking wi-fi for granted but seriously, listen to me. So, when I was with my mom (completing #1 on this list), I had some time to kill. Luckily, I had a tablet with me to keep me occupied. Except there was no internet! There was no Wi-Fi! I was sort of just stumped because EVERYWHERE has Wi-Fi! I mean SERIOUSLY! Then I started to think that we’ve become so dependent on it, that when we don’t have it, the world crashes! If I would have known this, I would have brought a book with me. But I assumed THE WORLD had Wi-Fi. Eventually, I went to the Information Desk and found out that in one area they did actually have it so my crisis came to an end. Thank God for Wi-Fi!

4 – Portable entertainment. Technology has increased exponentially through the years. We’ve done so much that it’s hard to keep up with it some times. Having a wireless tablet to browse the internet, watch movies, Skype, and listen to music was something people probably read about in Sci-fi books once upon a time. Now, we have pretty much the whole world at our fingertips. How amazing is that?

5 – Half Days of Work. Yes, it would be better to have No Work, but I’m cherishing what I have. And right now, or rather, then, I had a half day of work on Friday to jump start my weekend. Just thinking about it still brings a smile to my face.

Those are my graces for the week! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Let the countdown to Christmas begin!


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