On Display

There have been a few times in my life when I spent some time in an office. I’ve even had the great pleasure of spending a moment in someone’s home. While in each of these places, I have this habit of sort of looking around. Not snooping, just sort of scanning the room. It’s always interesting to see what people choose to display. Sometimes, there are pictures, other times there are books, sometimes a candle display or two.

I always find this interesting because most of the time… it’s just for display. The candles have never been burned. I don’t even know if the books have ever been read… or touched. The spines are never broken, anyway. Pictures are just there to admire and provide no real use.

But they display them to possibly show a piece of their personality. Maybe they want their visitors/guests to think they enjoy reading and thus put the books out. Perhaps the books are in relation to something positive or interesting. Magazines are out showing what types of sports or interests they are involved in. It might even be out to make a certain type of ambiance for the room and the home.

I’m sure everything that is on display is significant to this person in some way.

While I was out the other day, I reached into my pockets to see if I had anything important in them. Then I thought, what do the contents of my pockets say about me? There’s a story by Jack Finney called Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets. It’s basically a story of a man thinking about what people would find in his pockets if they found him dead. The character explains that the contents would, in a way, would be all that could identify him… at least until someone else was able to.

So I started to think about the contents of my pockets. I would definitely have a bunch of candy wrappers and change. That’s pretty much all that I have to identify who I am for the time being.

In all honesty, what exactly would someone want to carry around in their pockets? It’s sort of a display just like a home or office. While people might not be able to see it, it’s still a part of you… in a certain way… if you think about it.

I have done a post of what’s in my purse. What I carry around clearly gives a small window to what I find important enough to carry with me at all times. Okay, so maybe it’s different for girls. I don’t carry much in my pockets because it’s all in my purse… and my car.

Guys probably have more interesting things in their pockets, right fellas?

Our cars, purses, pockets, homes, and offices are just an extension of who we are and what we feel is worth putting out there for others to see and what we find that we can’t spend our day without.

In reality, it’s not about what we decide to have on us or to show others, it’s about the people that we have in our lives. The people we can’t go a day without talking to or thinking about. We may keep their pictures on display and in our wallets to remind us of them and to show them off to others to say, “This person means something to me.” But instead of just putting the pictures on display, take this day, Christmas Eve, to visit (or call, or Skype) those that matter to you more than what you carry and put on display.

The people we keep in our lives are what really matter to us. Reach out to them this holiday season and let them know it.


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