Grace In Small Things: New Years Edition

gist.nyIt’s another Saturday! And it’s the last one of the year! So I’m going to list a few things that are awesome about celebrating the New Year!

1 – Alcohol. I think this one is self-explanatory.

2 – Noise makers. I love having something that I can make some noise with. I think it’s that child in me who really misses her rattle or something. But the whistles, bells, shakers, anything really is pretty awesome.

3 – Watching the ball drop. If you’re there in person or even watching it on TV, it’s so exciting to just watch the ball drop. I mean, you’re counting down to a new year! It’s the start of… everything.

4 – Resolutions. Yup. I’m sure some people out there make them and never really complete them. I have a few in mind that I’m going to start and hopefully succeed in. But just thinking of new ways to change and improve yourself is awesome. I think we should all REALLY TRY to keep them this year. If you have the ambition to want to be better, don’t you owe it to yourself to do it?

5 – Looking Forward. The new year brings with it all new experiences and discoveries that we know nothing about yet. No one can really have a boring year. Some years are rough and some years are fun. But there’s always something that is just waiting for us in this new year.

Have a happy and SAFE New Years everyone!


5 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: New Years Edition

  1. Heading to NYC to hopefully see the ball drop live – realistically though I know the crowds will be insane – but looking forward to experiencing the ambiance. Happy 2013!

      1. I had fun but I can’t get over how bitterly cold it was while waiting for midnight to strike. My friends and I were several blocks away from the stage but the energy from the crowd was amazing. Will I go back to TimesSquare again on NYE? probably not, unless someone buys me those $200-300 passes so I get a good view and dont have to freeze in the Happy New Year!

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