Grace In Small Things

GISTIt’s another Saturday! Boy is it warm out! We got two awesome days of warm weather before it goes back to being bitterly cold again. But, it is still winter after all. Anyways…

1 – Vanilla Spice Frappuccino from Starbucks. Tastes like Christmas. You’ll thank me later.

2 – Shopping in Menswear. I went to a few stores to check out their clearance section for some warmer clothes. I think it’s funny they’re already putting out bikinis when we still have another two months of winter… and the winter clothes are on sale. So I bought a few more sweaters to get me through this winter and even some cooler nights in the summer. But, it wasn’t until I made my way over to the men’s section that I actually found a decent sweater! It’s warm too! Plus, when I looked at the size ‘small’ it was actually something that could fit me. The size ‘small’ in women’s is equivalent to that of an 8 yr. old so, in women’s, I’m actually an XL size. It doesn’t make sense. But from now on, I’m starting in the men’s section first.

3 – Sketcher’s Sneaker Clogs. Santa brought me these shoes and they are AMAZING! They feel like I’m wearing a slipper. They are sooooooo soft and sooooooo warm!! I love them. I went to the website to see if I could find them but I couldn’t. So, this picture here is the CLOSEST I COULD GET. It’s not exactly it but you get the idea. If you see them… buy them… you’ll love ’em!

4 – Lap Desks. I found one for $5. It’s the best thing I ever bought.You just sit and slide it over your lap and it has holders on either side and I freaking love it. Plus, it’s easy to lift up to move if you have to get up because it’s sort of like a tray so everything stays balanced. It’s cheap and it works!

5 – Comfy positions. My alarm went off one morning and I seriously didn’t want to move. I was in the most comfortable, warmest position EVER! I just lied there while my alarm went off and seriously thought of never moving again. It was one of those mornings where you decide to just skip the shower and go in as-is because you do not want to move from this position. That was me.


Those are my five graces and I hope you all have some of your own! Have a great weekend!


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