And Then Everything Changed…

At work, I have Pandora in the background playing whatever tunes they feel that I like… they get it right sometimes, I won’t lie. If you’ve ever been to Pandora, you’ll see that whichever band is playing, they normally provide some sort of Bio to accompany the songs.

Every now and then, I’ll hop over and check out some lyrics that I’ve been mis-singing for a while and there’s the chance that a line from the bio will interest me and I’ll have a quick read or gland through what I see.

It’s quite common that I read something of this nature: They were just a few guys who were bored of their small town daily routines and started a band… the rest is history when they became *insert famous band name here*.

Is that really how it all starts? People are just bored, have a passion/interest, and then one day, after all of their passionate practices, their lives all changed.

I know people’s lives can change in an instant… but my changes have mainly been for the worst. I haven’t woke up one day and became famous. I haven’t even done anything even remotely close to that… I haven’t even made Freshly pressed!

But how awesome would that be, to wake up, shuffle your way to the kitchen, get your coffee, get online and find that your world is forever changed. Someone stumbled upon your blog, thought it was awesome and is going to change your life forever. From that day forward, your life will never be the same.

How many times have you woke up, shuffled to the kitchen, made coffee and started your day? How many of those days continued on as normal? Now, it won’t be. Things are going to be different.

But I do hope that through all of my morning coffees and this ‘practice’ in my blog, that it will lead to something better. I’m thinking… writing contract. Or maybe a published book… whichever comes first.

But the whole point is that our lives can change with every breath we take. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. We wake up every morning, starting it like it’s just a regular, ordinary day. But then something happens and it is now the most un-ordinary day you will ever have.

I remember, when 9/11 happened, I was in High school… in Beginning Keyboard… practicing weird words of: feast, great, case, treat, zebra… I had to work on my ‘left hand words’. And then it was a day that my life changed. I was now a part of an event that has forever changed history. History books are being re-written because of that day.

I was a part of a day (and vote) that caused the first black man to become president. My life changed in those ways.

I know that as I continue to grow older, I’ll have more days in my life that will forever change me and forever change my life.

But I’m still hoping to wake up and have my life change… cause I’ll be famous 🙂



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