Grace In Small Things

GISTHello everyone! This is going to be one of the last posts that I do with Grace In Small Things because my birthday is rapidly approaching and this all started with my list.

So, this is going to be the five great things about doing Grace In Small Things.

1 – Positive Thinking. I’m not one to be an optimist. But having to really stop and think about the great things was really hard some weeks. Especially the first few weeks of it. Everything seemed to be rather ordinary and mundane. But after looking a little closer, I saw that things weren’t.

2 – Appreciating the Small Things. I love a cup of coffee, but there are some cups that are better than the other. Since I started to having to look for the more positive in my life, I realized that this small cup of coffee just wasn’t coffee… I mean, it was, but it was something more. For me, it was happiness in a cup. And even if it was only 15 minutes of heaven… it was worth it.

3 – Trying New Things. There were a few times when I was given the opportunity to try things and I took it purely on the fact that I knew it was going to be a learning experience and that I could add it to my Grace List for that week. It gave me that boost to try it out just so I could write about it.

4 – Posts. I’m not going to lie, it was an easy post. I could guarantee that I would always have something to write about come Saturday. I knew that even if the Monday and Thursday blogs sucked, that my Saturday post (which was guaranteed) was going to be a positive one. Hopefully it gave a bit of balance to the week.

5 – Sharing. I really got to share some great things with you. Whether you ran out and bought everything I talked about or whether you tried it too and liked it, there was something being shared. They were opinions and yet – they were positive ones! Maybe you didn’t always agree with what I had to say about them… but, again, just opinions. Just sharing those things with the world is one extra thing that joins us together as humans.


Those are my five for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


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