We’ve All Got Our Junk

The other day, I had to venture down to the basement to look for something. I’m not even sure what. The basement has sort of turned into a carry-all and has pretty much everything you need… or can’t find. Unfortunately, the reason I was down there wasn’t a good one and I was in a state of panic. I was looking for something specific which as we all know is impossible to find when you’re looking for it. Days later when you don’t care, you’ll find it. But then, I was in a sheer panic and I couldn’t find it. While down there, my eyes were scanning everything in the hopes of spotting it. It was sort of like one of those I Spy books that has a list of items on the side that you have to find. The good thing about those is that with an entire list, you find one or two and you start on a roll. But, as we all know, you get to that very last object and it’s impossible to find.

While in the basement, I found furniture, clothes, paint, decorations, tools, etc. Since I was in a state of panic, I have to admit that anger was boiling because I couldn’t find THE ONE THING that I needed. This anger brought a lot to my attention.

A lot of the things in the basement is just junk.

We haven’t used 90% of the things down there. Why do we have it? I have no idea. Sure, after looking around, I might find something and think, “Now THAT’S where it’s been this whole time!” But in reality, I’ve been doing just fine without it. I didn’t even know it was missing until I found it again!

The few objects that I found were trophies. My brother played pretty much every sport under the sun and was very good at it. He and his teammates received many trophies. Now, they’re in the basement collecting dust and acting as a playground for whatever vile creatures live there as well. When he received it; however, it was the greatest item on this earth! You would have thought it was made out of pure gold. It was an expression of his accomplishment. A way of symbolizing how great he really was. It’s nice to have that reminder with you to say, “Yes, I was good at something.” I’m sure it built his self-confidence as he was growing up.

But now, he’s in his 20’s. I highly doubt looking at that trophy now does him any good. When he was younger, he was great at what he did. Now, entering the real world, you’re up against more than just an opposing team or player – you’re up against the world! You’re up against yourself! You have to beat out all the other job applicants to impress an employer enough to want to hire you. You are your own marketer and sales associate… and PR… and HR. There are no trophies in life. Sure, you can buy some fancy clothes or a 4G, hot-spot enabled, awesome service provider phone. But eventually, a new phone will come out that you’ll want and new clothes will be put on the shelves. So what happens to all the previous clothes and phones that you have? They become junk.

If you keep them or not, they’re going to be something that you throw out anyway! It’s going to end up in the trash one way or another.

Looking around the basement at the paint, the tools, the furniture… I realize that there are THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS sitting in the basement! Over the years, all this money was spent to acquire this and for what?! To be used shortly and then moved to the basement because we needed to create more room for our junk.

I’ve posted before that less is more and I think it’s time we really start looking into that. I have a whole jewelry book full of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that I can’t even remember wearing.

I think there are some staples that you should have: a pearl set and a silver set (or gold if you prefer that) and that’s it. Everything else that you see is pretty much unnecessary. I’m actually going to start working on thinning out what I have and what I value.

The things that I value are worth keeping – the bracelet my friend brought back from Africa, the bracelet another friend brought from Vegas. I’ve never been to those places but I have something from there. I can keep those.

The one million pieces of silver stud earrings that I have, I can probably get rid of and just invest in ONE good pair.

I know it’s been said that if you’re stressed or worried to clean your room or your house. The de-cluttering of your own space helps with the de-cluttering of your mind. Perhaps if you never brought clutter into the house, you might not have so many worries. Or maybe you would but you’d have a nice clean home to relax and figure it out!

With the new year still early and all my birthday plans coming up, I’m thinking of thinning out my possessions in the hopes that I learn to not only live on less but to help keep the rest of my life clutter (and hopefully drama) free!

We’ve all got our junk… and mine is heading towards the trash.


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