Something That Pulls You In

I’ve been wondering a lot about those sort of ‘first impressions’. But, it’s more than just that… it’s also a ‘hook’ of some sort. For example, in the first page of a book, you either know you’re going to love it or hate it. Hell, people base a lot on the first SENTENCE of a book. That’s a lot of pressure right there. Newspapers are written so that the first paragraph (or few short sentences) tell you what happened. It’s only in the following paragraphs that you learn the details of the story:

“A woman was murdered yesterday in her home in New York.”

“The victim, Jane Doe, was a 32 year old store owner who lived alone in the outskirts of the city.”

In the first sentence, you understand a woman was murdered, in her home, in New York. That’s pretty much the general idea. The rest talks of her name, age, occupation, and a more precise location.

It’s that first sentence that matters.

I think when it comes to music, it’s the first few beats that keep me going and then once I hear some lyrics, it’s either make it or break it at that point.

But then there’s the big one: the first impression of meeting someone.

Sure, you can have a good impression of them but there has to be that ‘hook’ as well. Something that the person has that makes you want to say, “Yes, I want that person to be my friend,” or “Yes, that could be someone I would consider dating.”

But how do you know if you have that hook? Is it the same for everyone?

I’m guessing no.

Different people like different books, movies, music… and people.

So how do deal with being in a place, where everyone has that ‘hook’ but you?

You know what I’m talking about, that whole ‘odd man out’ scenario.

People around me are so hyped and involved and I’m on the outside looking in like, “What?”

I don’t really know how to respond because I’m not really getting it. And I have to admit, when I try, I fail miserably.

How does that song go? “Fake it if you’re out of direction/Fake it if you don’t belong/Fake it if you feel like infection”

Should I fake it?

I’m a female after all… we have some good history with faking it.

But I don’t want to.

I want to be myself and I am myself… I just don’t have that hook. The X Factor I guess. Not all books, movies, music is going to have that hook. Some only end up being one hit wonders and no one can replicate that hook again. I mean, if you can only list one song of an artist and haven’t heard from them since (ahem, the ‘Thong Song’ Sisqo) then obviously it was just a passing phase.

I guess what I’m just trying to basically say is that sometimes, it’s really hard to be that third wheel or being that odd person out. I’m not saying it’s anything against being an individual or dancing to the own beat of my drum. But there is a time when getting along with others and fitting in to work together is important. If you’re going to spend 40 hours a week with someone, having that good atmosphere and environment to be in is very important. That’s very hard to do when the people you work with are more like a Board of Acceptance and they sort of pick and choose who they interact with on a daily basis.

I’m trying my best to not take it personally and to realize that vinegar and water just don’t mix and it’s nobody’s fault.

It’s just sometimes, I could really use a friend.


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