An Open Letter to the Old, 25 Year Old Me

Dear 25 Year Old Jessica:

Wow. You were something! I thought 24 year old me was awesome but you are definitely an incredible woman. You have done a hell of a lot! I’m so incredibly proud of you and I hate that I have to say goodbye. You had a lot on your plate at the beginning… I’m not going to lie. I mean, there was that whole 26 Before 26 list and you kicked butt with the first go around.

We’ve done so much together on that list. We took a lot of great memories as well to commemorate every step of the way. You have a nice set of photos now documenting every all of it. You were so productive and you accomplished a lot.

You also learned a hell of a lot too! I can’t believe some of the life lessons that we learned together. They were tough. In fact, they were really tough. But you did it. You can walk away a lot wiser. Fortunately, you haven’t forgotten them! You’ve taken them in and you’ve learned. I think that’s the hardest part – learning the lessons. But you did.  You’ve grown so much as a person and as an adult. I want to hug you right now.

Most impressively, you’ve learned to fly this year. Towards the end, there were a lot of things going on. You held your own. You were strong. You landed on your feet and you carried on. Sure, there were moments of weakness and that’s okay, you’ve learned from that too. You’ve learned more from that than you could have ever imagined. You gave me the gift of knowing what I want. You allowed me to demand certain things in my life and you showed me that it’s okay to be demanding. This is my life, I should be happy with it and settle for nothing less.

Twenty-five, you were so so so brave. You made some bold moves and decisions. You did it all and you weren’t even scared! I don’t know how you did it, I really don’t. You have taken me to so many new depths that I didn’t even know I had. You were exploring so many more aspects of what it is to be a person and to be me. There were boundaries and you pushed them.

You are so wise. You have grown and you have changed… all for the better. I don’t even recognize who I was a year before and it’s all because of you. I hope to continue to take everything you taught me into this new year and continue to build on the strong, stable foundation you have created.

Twenty-five, you are beautiful, strong, brave, wise, and so incredibly fabulous. I’m going to cherish all the time we have spent and I will never forget it. I want to thank you for all that you have done and shown me. I hope you stay with me always.




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