Documenting Documentaries (#3)

Getting started on working on my 27 Before 27 List, I’ve started with watching one documentary a week. This idea came from a discussion I had with co-workers on day at lunch on a documentary one of them had watched. She got it from another co-worker, and after watching it, was really changed by what she saw and what she learned.

“She just loves watching documentaries, and she told me that I just had to watch this one!” she told me.

I do remember the one she mentioned but I wanted to start this off with something that I was interested in. Therefore, I came across Happiness Is. I found it on Hulu and since it was free to watch (and since this was my first one) I decided to go for it. There are documentaries everywhere talking about pretty much everything. What drew me to this one was that I’ve talked about happiness a lot on my blog. I’ve often wondered if I was happy or if I was going to be happy. I always remember being happy in the PAST but never really being happy in the PRESENT.

When I came across this one and read the description, I thought that this was right up my alley.

It’s basically a movie about what people think would make them happy. The question is asked if they are happy, what made them happy, why do they think they’re happy, and so on and so on.

The funny thing about it is that for the most part, people seem stumped. When asked if they’re happy or what makes them happy they sort of just get lost in thought. A few times, people refused to answer!

Why would someone do that?! How could they not answer? Possibly because they aren’t happy? Who knows.

But it definitely makes you wonder if you are really happy. The movie takes on the view that helping out others generally makes everyone happy. It’s something you don’t really have to pay much to do. Just providing someone with the same courtesy as you wish to be given is enough to make people happy.

The documentary does touch on the fact that we are a commercial society and we do strive to buy items in the search for happiness. It seems that we’re comparing ourselves to others who have more and think, “Well, they seem happy and it’s because they have all of this stuff… maybe I should get that stuff too!”

It’s not always the case. Over time, there’s only so much you can buy. You might run yourself in debt trying to do it.

There are clips of His Holiness, The Dali Lama on happiness as well. There’s the perspective of children, and of interviews with people who are just sought out and found on the street or in a cab.

It’s a very interesting movie and for about an hour and a half, you can enjoy it as well. It’s a great insight and I would definitely recommend people to watch it. It’s a great perspective and it really makes you wonder about your own happiness.



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